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Monday, May 10, 2010

About to be sick and have to beg for wellness care

Literally I have a part-time doctor (whom I've
not met) on my plan whose nurse has my medical history on the computer and insists I come in at their convenience instead of my needing the meds I and they know which have worked for years. I'm concerned about getting a sinus infection and my doctor's nurse didn't even callback today.

I have to call every day during M-F, 8-4. And yet, I'm paying big time for an HMO and little help. I guess the HMO hopes I will have to bleed out and need emergency care (during non M-F 8-4) in order to make more money. I'm unhappy when I know what meds work for me and all they care about is their schedules, not mine. I'm worried now that I'm like many of you readers.


HMOs do not promote wellness care as they say they do.

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