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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Dear Readers,

Many of you are mothers of sons and daughters. I happen to be a pet mom and not a human mom. Given my lack of patience for some weeks now, it's just as well that I only have pets to be concerned with at present since I have a big space and yard to oversee maintenance.

Today, I did do something special for Mother's Day (the rest was trying to get my lawn mowed, which is trickier than one realizes). A work friend and I got together and had a nice lunch to honor our mothers. She had lost hers last fall, whereas I lost mine the spring before that. We each brought one picture that we liked of our mothers and/or families. And it was nice to share a memory of two. So to BW readers who are living alone like me and this work friend, I highly recommend sharing a lunch today with a friend. Remember the good times of your mothers. Look for common ground.

This particular friend asked about Elizabeth Edwards, and I said I had not heard from her since I saw her last. This friend's younger brother has terminal cancer, except his is more advanced than Elizabeth's from what I understand. The friend's sister had been down to visit--and like Elizabeth and Nancy, she is very close with her family.

To my friends Amy, Bettync, Jackie, and to Elizabeth and Nancy, happy mother's day. Aloha Nell Smith and Ruth Zumalt--Mr. Benny and I miss you very much.

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