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Friday, August 19, 2011

Elizabeth Warren Considering a Run in MA for US Senate

At the Daily Kos and TPM, it was reported that Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law Professor who helped set up the Consumer Credit oversight group, has set up an exploratory committee for a senate run in her home state. Already she has met with some local activists in Arlington (all of this has been reported at Blue Mass Group) and liberals in the state have raised $100K.

Warren should have been confirmed to provide leadership for that new agency, but she was rejected by all of the sexist Republican male senators. As usual, Obama didn't have the stomach for any confrontation will to back her as a top candidate, so she packed her bags and went home.

She penned an eloquent post at Blue Mass Group, a site I used to follow when JRE was in the race. Her narrative was about her family background, coming from a working poor family but emerged out of it because of education. Her law work led her to working for struggling families.

I think she is wise to explore first as her committee can conduct polls, and while she is not allowed to talk as a candidate, she can raise certain sums of money within FEC rules.

I have a feeling she will be at Netroots Nation in Providence next year. I really want to go to that conference, but I think work is going to preclude me on that one.

Run Elizabeth run! She's very much like our late Elizabeth Edwards.

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