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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Knew

I am using an expression that Elizabeth Edwards would say today but slightly altered: we knew. Her comment was about Wade, you know.

Yesterday, I received e-mails about a WaPO article regarding what John Edwards could teach our POTUS. I am a bit incensed that Chris Cillzza got the memo 4 years later, but it's easy for a progressive political journalist to look back, rather than taking a position at the time. I've visited and told many liberal bloggers that they looked at who could raise money over what was bold and right for all of us. They have conceded privately that JRE was right. But I hear this "but if" meaning JRE's personal trials were revealed in the media. Chickens because of what happened in the 80's by a popular Colorado guy.

Elizabeth knew something of John's problems at the time, but she was willing to go on the campaign. She has been criticized for knowing them. How could any one be nasty towards a person who would later have her illness re-occur? Peeps like Taylor Marsh, who still touts Hillary Clinton as the possible nominee because she was the first viable woman Dem nominee in an election year that was open to anyone?

This blog is about Elizabeth Edwards and JRE's ideas. I am not ashamed to say that we knew what was right for all of us. And I am a Liberal but independent like Bernie Sanders.

Thanks Chris for acknowledging JRE, but you are 4 years too late. We knew all along. So your next job is to help Elizabeth Warren, as her ideas are many like JRE's. -End the Game (thanks Montana Maven for this reminder)

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  • Thanks, Benny.
    The message was the reason for my joining the Edwards campaign in 2003. Nothing had spoke to me since the Jackson campaign's "Rainbow Coalition" until I heard the Two Americas idea. Actually it was the "work over wealth" theme that hit the nail on the head for me. Edwards wanted to bring back the concept of honoring work over shuffling paper around. Reaganomics which turned into Rubinomics disparaged work. It reduced American workers to Joe and Jean Six Pack. It told them they needed to be share holders rather than wage earners. Nasty trick that Edwards saw through.
    Yes, progressives abandoned the Two Americas message for feel good fluffery in that awful Obama speech at the same convention. Read Paul Street and how he tears that speech apart.

    By Blogger MontanaMaven, at 8:01 AM  

  • Very good, just wish John had remained as true to the cause as all of his followers have. That said, we can't dismiss what the president has accomplished. Someone this morning was listing all that has been done, and it is formidable, and would have been even more if he wasn't facing such obstruction. No, what has been passed isn't just as we wanted, but nothing new ever has been all good social bills evolve over time. There have also been nearly 500 bills that republicans never even allowed a vote, that would have helped the middle class and small businesses. We do no good for our cause of becoming One America, when we tear the president apart. We give credence and more power to republicans and tea partyers who are doing a good job of trying to destroy and defeat him, without our help. Now is not the time to cry over what might have been, but more a time to rally around what we know we have, versus losing all to those who only mean us harm. If by our criticism we help defeat President Obama, we will live to regret it for generations, and if we think things are bad now, stop and think where we would be if McCain had beat Obama and we were still losing 800,000 jobs a month! As much as I believed John Edwards message, in reality, he too would have met this obstruction, maybe even more so, as the Chairman of the National Chamber Of Commerce all but threatened him. So much so, that I wrote John's uncle telling him I felt John was in danger. This president is facing all the same obstacles plus add to that the racial biases...I worry about him every day. He needs our help and support to defeat those who only mean us harm...if we tear down his home, we tear down our own.

    Elizabeth Edwards was a great lady and John failed her, did not see her true worth until it was too late. She was supportive of him, his bid for the presidency, to a point that was putting her own health at risk. She was loyal to him to a fault, where she came under criticism for knowing what she knew and still supporting him, because she loved him...loved him more than he loved her, and he failed all of us too. So never mind what he would have choosing his own self interests, he is not here to do anything for us...Obama is.

    By Blogger sandieg, at 9:26 AM  

  • Chris Cillizza was always fair in covering the Edwards campaign during the presidential race. When the candidates went for interviews with various newspapers in major markets, Cillizza sat in on the interview with Edwards at the Washington Post. John made a good impression on him, and I guess he has not forgotten the message. The message certainly is timely today.

    By Blogger bettync, at 3:59 PM  

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