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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gone But Not Forgotten

Dear BW Readers,

Today is Elizabeth Edwards' b-day. She would have been 63. I always remember because EE and I are exactly 10 years and 1 day apart in age.

Enlisted some ideas for this post, and most everyone seems to think that the SCOTUS ruling which upheld the constitutional aspects of Affordable Patients Care Act (aka Obamacare) would make her proud. I think while she applauded the decision, she would have said, "this is progress, but Medicaid provisions were not upheld by the SC", thus she would be pushing for Medicaid reform--and possibly the push for a public option. To me, she was the modern day equivalent of Eleanor Roosevelt.

In keeping with the theme of progress, I went to Facebook and looked at Elizabeth's wall. Her sister, Nancy Anania, posted a picture that spoke volumes of how Elizabeth conducted her life, especially in the final years.

According to Nancy, this marker was installed last week at the Raleigh Cemetery. As EE wished, she is buried next to Wade. Wade has a unique marker to find him, but this one seemed very appropriate as it is inscribed with some verses from one of her favorite poems, mentioned in her last book, Resilience.

In remembering Elizabeth, I think about how Amy Goodale made a YT that is no longer available, in 2006, that was fabulous. It was set to the music of "I'm Every Woman" and it was photoblog of Elizabeth in different places when she was on the campaign trail for JRE when he was a VP candidate. (was that a long time ago or what?) But also, I wrote here to wish her happy birthday in 2006. She read my post and made a comment. She seemed content at the time, being at the beach place.

Elizabeth was good about that--"that" meaning she paid attention to her blogger supporters, even though it was for John's causes. JRE did not know how to type, only communicate. She was much better in explaining complicated subjects, especially in their podcasts.

I also think of the last time I saw her, in April 2010, when Amy, Richard, Betty, and I went to her outlet store down the street from her house, and she had indicated in an e-mail that things had changed for her. In private, She and I spoke about her condition, and the medications were being changed because her cancer had spread further, and the condition was worse. But always, she wanted to fight. However, I think she knew this fight would be the hardest, and it was. She didn't lose the fight as much as the cancer army outmaneuvered her medications.

I've come to appreciate Elizabeth more and more. And I suspect, that despite what was testified at JRE's trial and other "sources" of late, which I will not lend credibility to, Elizabeth will continue to be remembered as a treasure for all of us, but mostly in the fight for our democracy.

From my 2005 b-day post, here's a pic I still like:

Yes, EE is gone, but not forgotten. Here's some music from Ken Burns' Civil War series, and done beautifully. EE would appreciate this.


  • Elizabeth made a difference in the lives of many. She brought attention to key causes in the campaigns, and her efforts helped make them a part of the Obama platform. Healthcare reform is a great example. Elizabeth also helped people outside of politics. She was inspirational to thousands in sharing the way to rebuild a life after tragedy. Her books are still working to help others find comfort and encouragement. She loved her family, and I think that was the common bond she found with all different kinds of people.

    By Blogger bettync, at 4:55 AM  

  • And a tribute piece of music written in honor of Elizabeth Edwards . . .

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 1:29 PM  

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