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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A David Cook Site that Rocks

I was surfing on the Net to see what DC had been up to, and I stumbled across this awesome fan BB, I will be adding it to my blogroll. It has the latest information on upcoming (and past) appearances and interviews in all media.

Apparently I missed DC at Mercedes Benz Summer Series appearance connected to Jay Leno's show. Here's the link.

He did a smashing job with "My Hero", as well as "Time of My Life" (his hit single).

Never occurred to me that DC's look would be mirroring after the Foo Foo Fighters after listening to "My Hero." May it is, maybe not.

Times like of JRE's theme songs.

David Cook performed an amazing version of our national anthem at the Lakers-Celtics game the other night.

He'll be on Jimmy Kimmel's show tomorrow night (late), then...well check out the site!

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