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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ever Heard of Go Left TV?

I saw this at the DU today:

I may be watching more of it.

I particularly liked the last segment of their cast: Silent Nights. The picture is a giveaway.

They call themselves "citizen media on the rise." I like that. I bet Elizabeth Edwards would too.

In the coming weeks, I'll be linking more to fellow former JRE supporters' diaries at other places. Some of us believe that Obama is trying to grab some ropes, but he is forgetting that very progressives helped shaped some of his rhetoric during the campaign. I think Obama was never real progressive in the first place, despite what Nate Silver says. To me, it just means that anything looks like progress compared to the last 8 years. And it probably is, but they appear to be baby steps, despite Obama saying he wanted bold approaches to our sinking economy.

PEBO isn't sworn in at this point. But he could make some more progressive choices for some of his advisory councils to get all points of view. Leo Hindery, senior advisor to JRE, would have been an excellent choice. Otherwise, it is the Clintons all over again. And if the people have spoken that they didn't want another Clinton in the WH, then there needs to be more progressive voices in the WH. Larry Summers is a disaster. He pushed the reform of Glass-Steagall, and where did it get us? And what about fair trade agreements?

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