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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buh-Bye Blago

(photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune)

I have not written much about Gov Rod R. Blagojevich as my governor. There were various reasons why I held back. Now that he has been removed from office, I will finally say my piece. He was wrecking most of higher education in Illinois (except for Chicago State, which did deserve some funding)--and all to raid my university's funds to pay for mainly junk in Chicago. He would approve funding for half a bridge and not the other half if it was known that someone was not a fan of his. He wouldn't live in the mansion provided for him and his family. Oh no, Springfield was not good enough for his family.

I hope he is indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald. The man is seriously corrupt and I believe he is guilty of many allegations against him to come. I'm more annoyed that it took the Illinois Lege as long as it did to bring about his removal, but at least the man cannot hold any public office in IL for the rest of his natural life. (Just read at CFB that one of my Senators, Mike Frerichs, made that motion) And good riddance to his wife, the ungrateful First Lady.

As JRE said about Karl Rove when he left the WH in 2007, "Good-Bye and Good Riddance" to the anti-Nixon.

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