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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Progressive Are You?

Chris Bowers at Open Left took an interactive quiz from the Center for American Progress. I decided I would take the 40 question quiz knowing it wouldn't consume much time for me.

Out of 400 points, in which the average Conservative Republican is 160 (jeez, I'm surprised it's that high), the mean is 209, the likely Obama voter was 244, and a liberal Democrat was 247.1, guess where Bowers's score was on the chart?

It wasn't even on the chart. It was 361.

FWIW, my score was 310, and it still wasn't on the chart. I'm guessing my fellow JRE Democrats would probably land between my score and Bowers' scores. Nonetheless, I'm considered "Extremely Progressive." Guess that's why I read Open Left if I want some good analysis.

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