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Friday, June 12, 2009

If My GLBT Friends Needed a Friend in the WH

It was today. I couldn't believe it. I got an e-mail from a friend in Beantown who saw this post today on FB. He was outraged. He is of the most patient and kindest people, and he is someone I can chat with when I am or was feeling blue about my mom. He had lost his mom a few years ago.

Yes, he is gay. And his patience was tested. He was right to be upset. Here's why.

Using RW talking points in the brief filed incites fear and outrage.

Today, the GLBT community feels betrayal. I'm unclear as to whether or not the DOJ actually had to defend the DOMA act. I'm guessing not, but some lawyers say yes over at the Daily Kos.

I do know that if a certain person's husband had been elected president instead of Obama, this would have not happened.

See Elizabeth Edwards' speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in SF 19 months ago.

Too bad she or JRE isn't the AG in charge. I'd like to think Obama is above all of this, but maybe the true colors are appearing.

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  • thanks for this B! I am embarrassed to be a long serving member of the faculty that produced The narrow minded president you see 'representing' us in DC at the moment. Shame on him and all those enablers of his still excusing this dreadful decision.

    By Blogger WGLB, at 10:08 PM  

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