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Friday, May 22, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards at the National Press Club

After being on Tweety's show last night, Elizabeth Edwards went over to the Willard Hotel to address the National Press Club. About 300 attended this sold-out event.

According to the NPC web site, Elizabeth read from chapter one of Resilience about her father and his determination to live and walk again.

Not certain what questions were asked, but she also spoke about "motherhood, about how she always chose family first over her career as an attorney, about her breast cancer and how she is best using her time in the face of a terminal diagnosis."

Nice way to end the media blitz.

(photo credit: Kyle McKinnon)

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  • Anyone know why 70% of couples who have experienced the death of their child part ways? Was this addressed by anyone?

    My guess is that the depression and/or stress following the loss of a child rapidly ages and thins parts of the brain. Aged people often say tactless things or behave more grumpy and uninhibited in general, because the control centers of their brain have thinned. Thus, they no longer keep as tight a lid.

    Lately, what Mom (in her eighties) says often makes one wince. On the other hand, it is precious to experience the unedited version of her. It is raw poetry, though it sometimes hurts.

    By Blogger cybercitizen, at 9:04 PM  

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