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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Edwards Picks Up Key LGBT Endorsements

Edwards is on a roll again. He picked up some key endorsements from the lesbian and gay community yesterday.

  • Skip Paul, Corporate Executive
  • Darren Star, TV Producer
  • Julie Johnson, Human Rights Campaign Public Policy Committee Co-Chair
  • Eric Stern, Former National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director; Former Democratic National Committee LGBT Outreach Director
  • David Mixner, Former Bill Clinton for President Adviser; LGBT activist, fundraiser, author
  • Dennis Erdman, TV Producer/ Director
  • Mary Snider, Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors Executive Committee Member
  • David Tseng, Kerry-Edwards 2004 National LGBT Advisory Committee Co-Chair; Former Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) National Executive Director
  • David Mariner, Former Out for Howard Dean Co-Chair; Founder,
  • James Duff, TV Producer
  • Ramon Gardenhire, National Stonewall Democrats Black Caucus Co-Chair; Former DNC LGBT Deputy Outreach Director
  • Scott Benson, Majority Leader Minneapolis City Council
  • Shane Larson, AFL-CIO Pride @ Work National Executive Board Member; Association of Flight Attendants (AFA)-Communications Workers of America (CWA) Government Affairs Director
  • Scott Wiener, Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors Member; San Francisco Democratic Party Chair* (for identification purposes only)
  • Jeff Gardner, Garden State Equality Vice Chair; New Jersey for Democracy Co-Chair
  • Lynne Wiggins, Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) National Leadership Council Member; Former Human Rights Campaign Board of Governors Member
  • Ken Keechl, Broward County Commissioner; Former Dolphin Democrats President
  • Linda Elliott, Human Rights Committee Board of Directors Member
  • Dave Garrity, Former Democratic National Committee Member
  • Mark Periello, Former Human Rights Campaign staff member; Democratic strategist
  • Ron Ginsburg, LGBT Community Activist; business owner
  • Randall Kelly, LGBT Community Activist; attorney
  • Stephanie Kornegay, LGBT Community Activist; business owner
  • Robert D. Horvath, Mautner Project Board of Directors Member
  • Patrick J. Lyden, LGBT Community Activist; Homeland Security Advisor


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