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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Edwards Works Shift to Raise Awareness for Health Services Workers

Yes, that's John Edwards on the right.

Dressed in jeans and a blue work shirt, Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee,
helped awaken Irving Zywoto and tried to explain to the 83-year old resident who he was.

Later, Edwards donned rubber gloves to rub moisturizer on Zywoto's legs and gave him his morning shave.

From the AP:

His visit was part of the "Work a Day in My Shoes" program sponsored by the influential Service Employees International Union, where presidential candidates spend time with health care workers to understand the challenges of their jobs. Edwards was paired with certified nursing assistant Elaine Ellis, an 18-year employee of the Sarah Neuman Nursing Home who escorted him on her early morning rounds.

This is what Ellis had to say about John Edwards, the candidate, after working with him on her shift:

Every day I bathe, dress, feed and care for nine patients before many people are awake. Now that he’s cared for patients with me, I think Senator Edwards has a better understanding of what it’s like to work in a nursing home. I also think he has a deeper appreciation for what people like me go through to give our families a future.”

"I think all politicians should take a page from his book," she told reporters.

Health care service was a natural fit for Edwards in which in he wanted to do a day's work in shadowing and helping. This was his comment afterwards:

It's important for the president of the United States to understand how difficult these jobs are, and how important they are," he said. He also touted his proposed health care plan, which he said would help cover the cost of long-term care at nursing homes.

More pics here.

Edwards comfort level with all ages and willingness to work to promote awareness for our health services workers really impresses me. But he's just like that.

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