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Saturday, October 02, 2004

John Kerry Reported for Duty


After the debate, Americans see a Winner
Letters to the editor at the NYT--most of them favorable towards John Kerry. I tend to agree with WSJ's Al Hunt, who said Kerry got off the ropes and won Round One. The other winners the viewers saw: Jim Lehrer, who didn't give in by signing that obnoxious agreement, and C-SPAN, who had the conviction in their policy to always be fair and balanced in the election, was the first channel to show the candidates on a split screen, and some of the networks followed their lead. This was democracy, and more to come, we hope.

Even the conservative talking heads had to confess that Kerry did better than they expected.

Bush was the loser, even with Karl Rove's help.

John Edwards is now at a retreat, practicing for his sole debate with Dick Cheney. But he's focused yesterday on domestic issues, as reported in today's NYT. When you look at JRE's picture (in the article) of shaking the hand of an older citizen, how could one not feel secure under his and John Kerry's leadership? JRE delivered the Saturday morning radio address, with leadership as undercurrent theme. Here's a link to what to be looking for in this next debate. Advice is given to both candidates.