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Friday, September 14, 2007

JRE Buzz: Presidential Response to a Terrible Bush Speech

John Edwards bought some time on MSNBC to rebut Bush's "Return to Success" or "this is still a miserable failure, so give me more money and more time". JRE's response is truly a Presidential speech.

Edwards: supporting our troops and supporting a failed war are not the same thing. Tell Congress they must tell Bush that there is only one choice: No timeline, no funding. No excuses. It is time to end this war.

Update: US Senate candidate Steve Novick of Oregon agrees with John Edwards.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

On the Road

I'm at the Cape today, going to meetings, but also hearing about politics as well.

Not much to report, other than JRE won the Texas e-poll (a straw poll) in which 8000 Dems voted in. Not even close: Edwards at 38%, Obama next at 21%. Elizabeth went down to see some of the long tallers to discuss issues with them.


Yes, the White House report came out today. I would call it bald faced mistruths, but JRE had this to say about it:
"We needed answers today from the administration, and we only got more of the same doublespeak - that may pass for straight talk inside the Beltway, but the American people know better. We heard today the surge is working, when several independent reports have found that it's not. We heard about statistics from particular areas, like Anbar, that don't fairly represent the entire country. We heard that the administration plans to take credit for ending the surge by next spring, when it's well-known inside the military that our troops would have to come home anyway in order not to extend their tours beyond 15 months. We heard that we'd still have 130,000 troops in place next summer, policing a civil war, when this is where we started in the first place. Worst of all, we heard that there are no concrete steps toward the comprehensive political solution that will end the violence once and for all and put Iraq on the path to stability."
To read a more thorough analysis of the report to Congress, read Taylor Marsh's comments here.

Cape Cod is lovely. I'd forgotten how nice it can be when the crowds aren't around.

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