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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carborro Branch Library Feeling Pain over Cuts

The branch's temporary staff budget was reduced by about 62 percent, roughly the same amount cut from Cedar Grove Branch Library and the Carrboro Cybrary, according to the 2008-09 budget approved by the county last month. The central library, the Orange County Public Library, saw a cut of nearly 27 percent in temporary staff.

"I understand the problem," said Catherine DeVine of Friends of the Carrboro Branch Library. "The funding was cut, period, and it was cut specifically for temporary staff. But we rely very heavily on temporary staff. And I don't know if this toothpaste can get put back in the tube or not."

Source: The Herald Sun

EE, if you are reading this, hope you can convince the County to restore the funding, and I also hope the Library system will quit relying on temporary workers.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards on NPR: Moving Forward or Moving Backward

I took the opportunity to listen to Elizabeth today on NPR.

Another opportunity to find "good news" as well as bad.

EE is transparent, with class, beauty, and heart.

Thank you Elizabeth for your strength, and for urging me to persevere. I want to say, go for it girlfriend, but I'm well aware I'm an acquaintance.

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David Cook in San Jose

Opening..with "Hello"

"Billie Jean"

This is what my brother and his wife saw last night. They were 10 rows from him. They said he was great. I know these videos (h/t to the David Cook fan site) are giving me goosebumps!

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John Edwards in NYC for Half in Ten

According to website,

John Edwards will be in East Harlem at noon to highlight a new national project he is heading called Half in Ten.

Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential candidate, will meet with feeding program customers/clients and local anti-hunger advocates, tour the pantry facilities and see a pilot project that enables people to apply online for food stamp benefits.

The pantry is located at 8 East 109th St., between Madison and Fifth, Manhattan.

JRE will first be on the Brian Lehrer show. Click here to listen.

Lehrer is asking very good questions, such as the impact of welfare reform of the Clinton administration.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards is Guest on NPR July 9th

This Wednesday, Ted Koppell will be the guest host NPR's daily news talk show, "Talk of the Nation."

The two-hour, two-topic show will include a discussion on living with cancer with guests Elizabeth Edwards and longtime Nightline producer Leroy Sievers.

Koppel, who'll host the show live from the Newseum, is sitting in for the regular host, Neal Conan, who is on vacation.

Source: TVNewser Blog

JRE will be on C-SPAN3 Live at 9am July 8th. Update: Video up of the speech.

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Benny's World Salutes Carol Kreck

Ms. Kreck, 61, (and allegedly a librarian) was ticketed for trespassing with a sign on public property. John McCain is either (a) ashamed of being associated with Bush (or her sign is true) or (b) he is scared of librarians.

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