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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Airbus Contract May Be Deal Breaker for McCain, GOP in GE

The last couple of days, there has been a flurry of news about how John McCain had some influence in the Air Force's decision to award a contract for tanker to Airbus rather than Boeing.

McCain's rationale, according to an AP news report today, was this:

"I saved the taxpayers $6 billion in a bogus tanker deal," he said.

The same report also said McCain has been running ads touting his role in fighting "pork" such as the tanker project. He cited the contract in a recent debate. I guess I missed that comment in the last debate.

I have nothing against the French, and perhaps this is supposed to help heal relationships with them, but we all know they have elected a conservative government in the last year.

I'm not so certain that saving $6B for jobs Americans would like to have and already paid with taxpayer money is going to help Republicans in the GE. As it is, the Gov't reported that 63,000 people were given pink slips in the month of February.

One notch against McCain.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

EENR Blog Growing Beautifully

At last count I think there were about 325 who signed up. Many are refugees from Daily Kos, which has become the Daily Anti-Clinton.

I post at EENR on Fridays what I think will be a regular diary, Second Peek. It's a round-up of overlooked diaries or ones that didn't get as many comments (or on the FPs) on EENRb, and leave it as an Open Thread. Best way to get to know the folks around there.

We now have 2 bloggers from 2 A-List blogs and a politician who have posted diaries at EENR.

Have a lurk around there. Friendly people.

EE--if your lurkin' psst..come on by.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Voting for the Adult in the Campaign

I voted for John Edwards last Tuesday. Someone has to be the adult.
by dunkelberg
One Citizen's Opinion
by Lee Dunkelberg

I voted for John Edwards.

Because so many Clinton/Obama supporters can only see red instead of reason, I will explain why it was not a wasted vote. Someone has to be the adult.

For one thing, with the Democratic Party's broken primary system, I
could have split my votes. Vote my two-thirds at the polls and the
other third at the precinct convention. I almost did that, but could
not even figure out which one should get the two-thirds.

Read the rest here. at

Many of us feel like Mr. Dunkelberg, a fellow Texan, who was one of 30,000+ who voted for Edwards anyway and got one percent of the vote.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

JRE to Speak at Conference in June

ERIE – In a year that has seen conventional political predictions pushed aside, two former presidential candidates will offer their insider’s view of the race for the White House. John Edwards and Fred Thompson will be the featured speakers at the Manufacturers’ Association’s 103rd Annual Event Wednesday, June 18 at the Bayfront Convention Center.

Former White House press secretary Tony Snow will bring his unique experience and serve as the moderator of the event.

“It has been a truly unpredictable presidential race full of great storylines,” said Association Chairman Gerald B. Eighmy, president of American Turned Products. “Who better than John Edwards and Fred Thompson to offer our membership a unique glimpse into the campaign trail and the pulse of the American electorate?


(h/t NcDem Amy and Ashlarah)

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Clinton's Still In the Game

It's in the 4th quarter, but Clinton came back with wins in Rhode Island, Texas, and Ohio.

Good for her. She had Bill out in all of the rural areas in Texas, and she won votes that way. She also got the Latino vote. She won San Antonio, which she needed to squeak her by.

Congrats to Obama in winning Vermont.

But I gotta tell ya, neither come close to John Edwards. My heart and mind are with his ideas.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Benny's World Salutes Cate Edwards

Happy Birthday, Cate Edwards. She's now 26--and 2Y student in law school in the Boston area.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prayers for Elizabeth Anania and Her Family

I just heard a few minutes ago that Elizabeth Edwards' father, Vince Anania, passed away last night. From the Winston-Salem News:

Vincent Joseph Anania, the father-in-law of former Democratic presidential contender John Edwards, has died of heart failure, Elizabeth Edwards said Sunday.

Anania, 87, died in Chapel Hill Saturday, Mrs. Edwards said in a statement.

Anania, who was born on April 22, 1920, in Marianna, Pa., was the first in his family to be born in the United States, Mrs. Edwards said. He was raised in Brownsville, Pa., and attended the University of Pittsburgh. He later attended the U.S. Naval Academy, where he played football and was selected as an All-American in lacrosse, she said.

What a nice family he had.

Anania is survived by his wife of 60 years, Elizabeth Thweatt Anania; his children, Elizabeth Anania Edwards, Vincent Joseph Anania, Jr. and Nancy Thweatt Anania; seven grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and two sisters.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but Mrs. Edwards said Anania will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that gifts be made to the Wade Edwards Foundation, which runs an after-school learning center in his grandson's name.

Seems fitting that the Ananias would choose to have donations to help the next generations, and for everyone to have the same chance as they did and still do.

Blessings to the Anania family and the Edwards' family during this time of shadows.

Update from EE at the Daily Kos:

You are all dear to post such sweet notes. My father will be missed by all of us, and in particular by John, who stayed with Dad the night before he died, talking to him all night and alerting the rest of us that the end was near. They had a special bond.

It was wonderful to be able to tell him that we loved him, to sing his favorite songs and tell stories about the moments we remembered, about the splendid and silly pieces of his life. And it was a reminder that none of us should wait until the hours are numbered to tell those around us how much they mean to us.

Thank you. From John and Elizabeth and from our families. We are deeply touched. And thanks those of you who chose to donate to the Wade Edwards Learning Lab in his name. Your gift will help a young person.

Thank you EE for knowing always we are reaching out to you.

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Leave It to Clinton to Decide

I read this article in the NYT about Obama backers making a pleafor Hillary Clinton to exit the race if she loses on Tuesday.

Why would she want to do that when she's got these major generals and other military leaders in her back pocket concerning national security? (mp3 link,
and article courtesy of Taylor Marsh)

Why would Clinton need to exit when even African-American progressives are questioning whether or not Obama is truly progressive?

I guess after seeing pathetic post after post about John Edwards having to endorse someone, my message is the same: do what you want, Mrs. Clinton, just as I would say to John Edwards, don't endorse if you don't want to.

I also think whoever wants to vote for Edwards, as this person at the DU intends to do and I did nearly a month ago, that's fine too.

Ridiculous and unnecessary coercion. Butt out media and Obama backers. It's none of your damn business nor your decision. If she wants to fight all the way to the convention, more power to her.

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