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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comics about Health Care Reform

This digital comic strip was developed by (or friends of by) Neil the Ethical Werewolf, a former JRE supporter:

The best part is this graphic:

Priceless. Enjoy. Comedy often speaks the truth.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama Finally Gets the Message Out

Today during my lunch hour (which is still is my lunch break), I saw a little of Obama at the NH townhall. He's batting well today, in fine form actually. He's also listening to the bloggers a bit, as he is giving example after example of what is happening to folks who are underinsured. He's also talking about how private insurance will still be an option, just as FedEX and UPS are fine, although the post office is still there for cheaper rates. This is something that Chancelucky said on my last diary.

When a Youtube or Daily Kos TV post goes up, I will post it here.

Too bad so many have been so disrespectful to the Congress when they had townhalls. Disgusting and most of the hate pipeline stems from Fixed Noise. Obama debunked all of the myths.

I put out my Obama/Biden yard sign to signal my support for the public option.

Update: here's one of the YT, courtesy of Taylor Marsh.

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