Benny's World

Friday, April 08, 2005

One Shining Season

Bruce Weber is amazing person. He led his group to the Final Dance and while the Illini didn't win, they were still the best team.

Weber understands team-manship, hard work, and how important it is to have fun at the same time. He taught the guys to be thankful, modest, and also, what can happen when one of the players doesn't do their part well or they are not at their best. This was a 37-2 team. They had a challenging schedule. Most of the guys still were focused on their studies, and most are likely to graduate.

While I am aware that JRE is a big tarheel fan, I think he could appreciate Weber because Weber embodies many of the principles JRE espouses. And I'm certain he could identify with him and the Illini: he was on the best team last fall, but they didn't win.

Thank you Illini, for putting my workplace on the map, and for your efforts. None of them were lost on us. And no one thought you lost. I have a yard sign in my window that says, "Thank You, Illini" that I got from a radio station today.

Good job, Coach Weber. Looking forward to more seasons with you.