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Saturday, December 03, 2005

To Our Soldiers..

While you cannot possibly have "happy holidays", know that we support you and want peace to come sooner rather than later...we want you home with your families & friends. Bless you as you continue to help the Iraqi people and have to deal with insurgents who do not know you.

It's just that we don't think your commander-in-chief made decisions for the war with your best interests at hand or with enough information to do this. But you are brave and are proud of you wearing the uniform. I've heard many a soldier's story on planes, and my heart is always big with affection.


Friday, December 02, 2005

The DMB Concert Experience

photo credit: Peter Hoffman, DI

This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert. I've seen them perform live on tv and thought they were pretty good, so it would be fun to go see them. My sister flew up from Texas, and we went together.

I liked the concert very much. I wish they would have played the full version of "Amercian Baby" from their new CD, Stand Up, but otherwise, the band jammed for nearly 3 hours with only a 10 minute break between the main set and the encore.

Matthews doesn't say much in between songs. When he does, it's not always articulated, so sometimes my sister and I would turn to each other and ask " what did he say?" But it didn't matter. His energy, accompanied by good lasers and lights and 2 video screens, illuminated brightly. Many of the songs are about sensual experiences, which I had not picked up on until I watched the concert and listened more closely. Matthews's raspy voice made the songs more passionate.

The Daily Illini interviewed a few students about their experience at this concert.

"The show three years ago was really good," Carlson said. "It had one of the best encores I have ever seen."

Carlson and many people wanted the Dave Matthews Band to perform their old favorites, and they got what they wanted. Dave Matthews opened the show with "What Would You Say" off the 1994 album, "Under the Table and Dreaming." Other crowd-pleasing favorites included "Grey Street" and "Crash."

In addition to the old favorites, Dave Matthews also performed "Stand Up" and "Dreamgirl" from their most recently released album. Jeff Harden, junior in LAS and president of the Dave Matthews Band Fan Club at the University, said he thought the show was much better than the two he saw over the summer."
Interesting as my sister saw DMB over a year ago at an outdoor venue near Albuquerque; she said this concert was much better because the "crowd was really into it". I have to agree. Many of the older tunes were sometimes singalongs, and it surprised me how many college kids liked him. My sister says DMB is intergenerational, but that they are more of their generation.

Dave Matthews was definitely in their heads. He was in mine too.

Monday, November 28, 2005

In Memory of Susie's Uncle William

Earlier this evening, I checked my voice mail and got a voice mail from my fellow JRE supporter and friend Susie who lives in rural North Carolina. She called to let me know her Uncle William passed away. She was very close to him, so her pain is pretty acute at present.

I didn't know her Uncle William other than he was someone she looked up to and he had cared for her at times when the rest of family deserted her. I also know he became of a JRE supporter late in life after being a staunch Republican as he was fed up with Bush and the greed of the Republican party.

To my friend Susie, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry you feel hurt, and I know you will miss your Uncle William. Your Uncle William finally gets to rest--peacefully.