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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marsha Blackburn is No Match for Al Gore

I saw this at Taylor Marsh's site this morning. It was a pitiful attempt by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn to corner Al Gore into saying that his work on protecting the environment for 30 years was for "personal benefit." Here's the clip from C-SPAN:

Al Gore called her on the carpet. And Marsha Blackburn looked like a fool.

Republicans haven't figured out how to score points gracefully and with whom after their big loss last November. Marsha Blackburn, who is from Al Gore's home state, obviously doesn't understand how to pick a bone with a Nobel Laureate.

Ed Markey was correct that Al Gore hasn't changed his tune or practices about global warming and Gore is a great patriot in wanting to save our planet. I don't care if Al Gore personally made some money from it, but he says it goes into a non-profit and I believe him.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wealthy on All Accounts

I just read a story about a couple whose AGI this year was $260K. They are concerned about having to pay more taxes under Obama's plan.

They believe they are just middle class.

What I found interesting were the following in that story:

They tithe $15,700 a year to their church. That's tax deductible.
Moreover they have 3 dependents.

According to the WSJ, their mortgage, second mortgage and payment on land they bought is nearly $4,000 a month.

Other expenses, including their family car payment, insurance and college funds, as well as basics like food, utilities and donations to charities, leave them with about $1,200 left over each month.

Only $1200 a month. Seems to me like the rest of us, they can find ways to cut back, and also support the notion of expanded health insurance for all of us.

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