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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hybrid Expectations

From Dan Lienert

"I'm thinking about getting one of those hybrid cars" is something being said a lot these days. Unfortunately, customers with such feelings don't have many choices--for now. Watch this space for future hybrid buyer's guides and you will see more and more gas/electric vehicles in showrooms. From mainstream automakers such as General Motors to low-volume specialists such as Porsche, companies of all sorts are hurrying to prepare hybrids for market. "
I think most of the writers about hybrid vehicles who don't own them have unrealistic expectations about their gas mileages. I will say that Ford, Honda, and Toyota have inflated the numbers. But overall, I've been very happy with my Prius...which is the largest car I've ever owned. It's midsized...the size of a Camry.

Today, someone on the OAC blog said they wanted a hybrid car that was American. I mentioned that hybrid car technology was American, but sold during the Clinton-Gore years because gas was so darned cheap and the US trio of auto makers thought the lust would last longer. Hello, it didn't, and the Japanese, the masters of taking a technology invented by someone and making it accessible...took advantage. I'm not sorry at all to give my money to Toyota, other than their package choices were not great and pushed one package in particular to the max. I would have appreciated picking out the colors when having to order it; instead, spouse and I had to say which ones we didn't want.

However, spouse and I are very pleased with our Prius. It's really smart, and I feel much safer in that car than in others. 867-5309...

Happy trails to you and those on the waiting list...we waited 4 months, and believe me, it seemed forever..but worth the wait.