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Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Wonder the Vote was Anti-Bush

Check out the state unemployment rates here.

My state of Illinois jumped 2% over last year at the same time, and I suspect it will get worse.

Having said that, I don't support the bail out of GM. Their business model is broken. I think they need to reorganize and the management needs to be fired. I hope they hire a good turnaround expert.

Instead, can't we spend money on fixing our broken health insurance system? Personally, I want better health care for what I pay, not more money to pay for health care in which the insurance companies keep acting like Peanuts' character Lucy, who keeps removing the football each time Charlie Brown goes to kick it. Insurers can't be trusted as they love being a moving target--just like the bankers who kept jacking up interest rates.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogged Out at the Moment

I was reading a post at Pam's Blend today that spoke of burning the candle at both ends. It occurred to me that I may be suffering from a bit of blogger's blues or blogger burnout. I haven't had much to say about Congress and certainly, not much to be done as we continue to watch the bears on Wall Street.

To the bloggers who continue to be inspired to write about politics or just about anything else, I salute you. BW readers, I encourage you to go to some of the smaller blogs on my blogroll. Most of the bloggers are good writers.

David Cook's awaited self-entitled CD is released tomorrow. Check out the David Cook blog for upcoming appearances. I've heard quite a few clips from the CD. It's a good CD, but I get the impression Cook was put on a short leash on this one in order to get a product that will sell. I'm hoping his next work will rip a little more.

I'm off for an out of town trip for the rest of the week. I'll be back this weekend.

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