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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Clinton Surveyers in Iowa

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton means what she says, " Hi, I'm Hillary Clinton, I'm running for President. And I'm in it to Win." After reading this post on the Iowa Independent blog, it is no wonder that Clinton is behind in the polls in Iowa and North Carolina.

Clinton's campaign hired folks to ask the sleeziest questions, in a stealth manner.

Next, the questions turned specifically to the candidates. The caller also asked the standard candidate ID question, “Who are you most likely to support in the caucuses?” (Eness-Potter identified himself as leaning towards Sen. Obama.) A standard, public poll may have finished here, but the caller pressed on with questions about Sen. Clinton. He asked first what Eness-Potter's general approval rating of Clinton was, following up with carefully worded questions about Clinton: Do you feel that she is too strong of a feminist? Do you plan to support another candidate "because [Sen. Clinton] stands by her convictions on her war vote and refuses to back down?"

Then, Eness-Potter got a glimpse of what may become the positive side of Clinton’s message: “During Bill Clinton’s administration, the Clintons helped to create 100,000 jobs in Iowa. After hearing this, is your opinion of Sen. Clinton higher or lower?” The caller went on to ask a few questions about Clinton’s campaign platform, asking whether specific campaign promises, as worded by the campaign’s pollster, make Jason more or less likely to support her.

But the survey didn’t end there. As Eness-Potter’s patience continued to wane, the caller started into the negative questions about Clinton’s opponents. Although he cut the caller off fairly quickly after he saw where the caller was headed, he recalled two questions -- one about Sen. Barack Obama and the other about former Sen. John Edwards -- that were particularly memorable.

On Sen. Obama, the caller’s question had to do with the war: Paraphrased, it was “Sen. Obama boasts of his consistent opposition to the war, but he has contradicted himself by voting for appropriation bills to fund it. Does this make you approve of Sen. Obama more or less?”

And on Edwards, the subject was, predictably, about his $400 haircut a month or so ago.

It was roughly at that point in the call that Eness-Potter excused himself and hung up –- after the caller admitted to him that the survey was commissioned by the Clinton campaign.

Iowans are not easily fooled, Madame Clinton. I live next door to them.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Democrats' Innocent Bystander Fable

David Sirota points out the myths of those in Congress.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

John Edwards: Leader in latest Debate

Who "won" tonight?

From MyDD early on:

Joe Biden 8 votes - 8 %
Hillary Clinton 18 votes - 18 %
Chris Dodd 7 votes - 7 %
John Edwards 43 votes - 44 %
Mike Gravel 1 vote - 1 %
Dennis Kucinich 3 votes - 3 %
Barack Obama 41 votes - 42 %
Bill Richardson 5 votes - 5 %
No stand out performance 4 votes - 4 %
I don't like questions asking who won a debate 7 votes - 7 %

96 Total Votes

MSNBCs Chuck Todd: Edwards Was Strong Performer of Debate; Was Edwards Best Debate Performance to Date.
MSNBCs Chuck Todd wrote tonight, John Edwards seemed very engaged and clearly carved out opportunities to engage Clinton and Obama. The press coverage will reflect this which the Edwards campaign will see as a victory. Bottom line, it was Edwards best debate performance to date (and I'm counting the one from this year and the ones from 2003-4). [MSNBC�s First Read, 6/3/07]

Donna Brazile: Edwards :Smart and Bold During Debate.
Donna Brazile praised Edwards debate performance. Brazile said, But Senator Edwards, I also believe, came out looking very smart, he was bold, he talked about his distinctions, the differences, with the other candidates[.] [CNN, 6/3/07]

Daily Kos Readers Declared Edwards The Winner.
According to the Daily Kos poll on the night of the debate, Who do you think won the debate had John Edwards leading the pack with 25% of the 1998 votes cast, followed by Obama at 22%, and Clinton at 17%. [, accessed at 9:30pm 6/3/07]

Larry King: Edwards was Leading with Very, Very Strong Presentation.
Larry King said during the intermission of the CNN New Hampshire Democratic primary debate that Edwards was leading the field. King said, �Senator Edwards leading the force in carrying on a very, very, strong presentation[.]� [CNN, 6/3/07]

CNNs Arianna Huffington and Mike Murphy: Edwards Having Strong Second Half, Most Well Briefed.
In a blog post on CNNs Political Ticker titled Comeback Kid, Arianna Huffington and Mike Murphy praised Edwards debate performance. Republican Mike Murphy remarked that Senator Edwards is having a strong second half performance. Democrat Arianna Huffington thinks he is the most well briefed candidate on the stage ... Both agree that Senator Clinton has some competition if she is to come away with the title of debate winner. [, 6/3/07]

CNNs Arianna Huffington and Mike Murphy: Impressed With Edwards Performance; Both Believe Clinton Needs to Finally Admit that She Has Made Mistakes.
CNNs Political Ticker posted under Just admit it already that

democrat Arianna Huffington and Republican Mike Murphy have finally found some common ground. Both believe that Senator Clinton needs to finally admit that she has made mistakes. Whether its the War in Iraq or gays in the military Hillary never admits she messed up, opined Murphy. Huffington agreed - she just needs to stop parsing words. Both commentators have been impressed so far with John Edwards' admissions of past mistakes and overall performance. [, 6/3/07]

Edwards Applauded by New Hampshire Voters for Saying He Was Wrong to Vote for the War. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards got applause from the audience after saying he regretted voting for the Iraq war. I think I had the information I needed, Edwards said. I don't think that was the question. I think one difference we do have is I think I was wrong. I should never have voted for this war. [, 6/3/07]

From the JRE blog.

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David Bonior Speaks in NH Through Bullhorn

From Blue NH:

I'll have a more general take on today's state convention soon, and Dean was there as well and I imagine will be focusing on the senate race. But there's something to be said right now.

It was disappointing and a little embarrassing to learn that for its state convention, the New Hampshire Democratic Party used a non-union sound company. John Edwards' campaign manager David Bonior vividly drew attention to this by delivering his remarks through a bullhorn rather than through the offending sound system; Paul Hodes followed by acknowledging organized labor and calling for people to buy union-made products and services.

Hiring a non-union company goes against the basic ideals of the Democratic party and it will be simply unacceptable if next year this serious error is not rectified. Speakers at next year's convention should plan to inquire ahead of time about the sound system and, if it will not be run by a union company, all speakers should make arrangements for bullhorns.

Thanks to David Bonior and the Edwards campaign for highlighting this, and also to Paul Hodes.

Pic is obviously not Bonior, but what a great idea.

Quick thinking on JRE's staffers' part.

More bullhorn buzz l8tr as we await the CNN Debate in NH this evening, 6CT.

Update: John and Elizabeth Edwards Have Arrived at the Debate Site, 3:00.

Look for me on the DU and DK later, but I will try to post highlights on BW.

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