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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bounty Week

Hello Readers!

Sorry I have been remiss in posting here this week. There has been a lot going on both personally and out on the blogosphere, but most especially around DC.

There has been much unrest, mostly among disgruntled Republicans this week.

DeLay was pressured to resign, yet his supporters were outshouting his Dem opponent at home in Texas.

Immigration Reform in Congress and the need to push it through. Hello, they are welcome here, but we need better legislation than what is going on now.

Commentary otherwise:

The lack of checks and balances have allowed this situation to happen. With 9/11, I can appreciate that our Congress needed to wait. With the stock markets and now alledgely our economy coming back, then we need some inflation. One could argue our interest rates would go up. They will, because economists on the Fed will think so, but it's not reality. I would like to see what would happen to inflation if we gave amnesty or allowed most undocumented workers to apply for citizenship (I'm guessing most would, but not all would do so).

My suggestion is to lobby the Feds, not W, who even went through Harvard Business School, never said a word, and I'm surprised he got through their program.

Why isn't there more pressure on President Fox to raise taxes on the wealthy there? Because he and W are carrots and peas. Don't know if he is or isn't more corrupt. Why do we have leaders like this, including our country? It smarts, erodes the middle class. China and India so far pushing for middle class there, but based on what we can do in our agreements for them. But that happened to us too in pushing the industrial revolution here, and when the UK had to send over debtors here to be jailed. I guess outsourcing for cheaper labor has been popular for a long time. sigh.

Other news:

Libby pointed the finger at Bush about treasonist activities of leaking information concerning National Security matters or Operatives, such as Valerie Plame, to the press and allowing it to happen (I'm betting Bush slides out of this one, but one can only hope Cheney will be the Benedict Arnold in the courts).

Now Bush claims through his mouthpiece that information was later declassified, and therefore OK to do. Not so, say many, including William Rivers Pitt who posted a really good editorial at Truthout about the "Leaker In Chief", as well as former Nixon cabinet member John Dean.

And the positives, the main theme of my post:

New buzzphrase: "John Edwards Democrat".

Rally Thursday in DC: Teddy and JRE teamed up for raising the minimum wage. It's been planned since at least December, as far as I can tell from the Boston Globe from that time. Great liveblog of event by Jenni at OAC. At first, I was surprised how many people did not know. Thursday night, I got the word out.

A new patriot emerged in a W pep rally: Harry Taylor. Some people think he is another Jeff Gannon; I give the man the benefit of a doubt for his sincerity. Check out anonyMoses's thread at OAC. I posted a pretty kewl pic I found on the DU today.

JRE was in Georgia and on CNN yesterday. Still looking for CNN video, but here's a link to OAC where I posted the transcript. JRE is in Iowa this weekend. Where does he get the energy to run across the state, other than continuing to jog daily and lose weight?

Mbair last Sunday posted the best JRE News Roundup. I think she is doing the next one too, but we will continue to help OAC staffers in getting news, pics, etc for his digital vault.

Oh yes, I would be remiss in saying that I was asked to join the Idea Consultants blog last week as one of the posters. It's a honor to be asked, as well as fun because the consultants are very creative and a nice mix of folks. About half of them post on the Tar Heel Tavern, which is hosted at different sites. Benny's World was an honorable mention during Xmas at THT.

More later. Hope you check in and post a few here. Like to hear from you!

Update: I started this thread on Thur night, but didn't finish until today (Sat). I am adding Wirednews later today or tomorrow to my blogroll because it seems as though it features a piece on hybrid technology in automobiles weekly. Most of you may know I drive a 2004 Toyota Prius.

It's spring in Central Illinois. JRE must have brought the good weather for our flowers while flying over Illinois to East Iowa. Good things portend?