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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watching the Stupidly's, meaning Baucus, Conrad and Reid

I've been reading the blogs, including the GOP/Sarah Palin "I'm With Stupidly" columns. Admit, most of them I've seen through Media Matters, one of the watchdogs of the wingnuttery going on because of the consequences of elections.

It doesn't bother me that our Congress is partisan. Many of us who supported JRE knew this is what would occur, especially when it had to do with special interests.

Here's JRE at YearlyKos about transparency and lobbyists:

No one took his advice to reform our own party when he said, "we don't need want to trade our insiders for theirs" and what do we have today? Baucus, Reid, and Conrad. All slaves to the Insurance, Pharma, and Financial Svs ATM's.

JRE was always right when it came to health care insurance reform, one could not invite the lobbyists to the table or else they would eat all of the food. He didn't mean just the White House; it was probably knowing what the ATM Insurance company-influences on senators (or Blue Dogs of the House) would do. That is why he wanted to take away the Congressmen's health insurance choices that all they possess for a much lower cost from most Americans. But if only they couldn't have a bill in 6 months.

During parts of the campaign, we couldn't figure out legally how to do this in explaining this position, but perhaps President Edwards could have said these things, if "what if Congress didn't have their health care choices with very reasonable prices and no problems of pre-existing or chronic issues now? Let her/him who doesn't want true reform to do without--NOW."

(To Obama's credit he has tried this but no carrots nor sticks, which is the point.)

Who would be the chicken shits then if the POTUS, leader of the major parties in both House and Senate strongly suggested to make legislation of what the people (not just the big money lobbyist representing big companies) want from them?

JRE, the man with ideas, but like those who didn't get a photo-op first for climbing an important mountain. Those who got the photo-ops got the credit.

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