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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Reflections

Good morning BW Readers,

It is nippy but our ground is whiteless. We had snow a few days ago, but the rain washed it away. That's OK, I enjoyed the little bit we had.

Last night, I attended a candlelight service at the UU church in town. I went to the 5:00 one in order to be back in time to make a regular dinner for Mr. Benny and myself. The service was very spiritual--as I anticipated--full of readings from the gospels, poems, a children's book, and of course, familiar Christmas hymns which we sung together. The songs brought tears to my eyes as I hadn't sung them in quite awhile, and they evoked memories of my mother singing songs with us when we were little. It was difficult for me to sing the First Noel as it was one of Momma's favorites next to "Silent Night."

I needed that spiritual fellowship at the 5:00 service rather than the 7:00 for another reason: Momma often called me by 7:30 on Xmas Eve, and I needed to console myself ahead in order to get on with our family dinner, knowing the phone call would not come. I needed to be emotionally available for Mr. Benny who has been feeling glum due to looking diligently for work for 3 months. On Tuesday, the best prospect for employment, after Mr. Benny had interviewed 3 weeks before, retracted the position. I had predicted that might happen, but Mr. Benny held out hope. Now, he has to work harder than ever as job pools in his field are shrinking.

The bright light of the night was getting a phone call from my JRE friends, Animal and Karen about the time my momma would have called. They got engaged. You can see the announcement here. The news lifted my spirits as I've known these two for 5 years, and they have been dating long distance for 3.5 years. I said that John and Elizabeth brought them together. They concurred.

This morning, Mr. Benny and I exchanged cards and DVDs. Simple, but what we wanted. I'm doing some slow food today: Peking Roast (cooked in Caribbean coffee), roasted potatoes, asparagus, a berry salad, and french bread. I'm going to try making an Apple Crisp from the South Beach desserts menu.

Next stop: Daily Kos to participate in the WGLB Presents Family Diary.

Happy Xmas all, i will add more later.


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