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Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm Going Out on a Limb: DSM

The past few weeks have been interesting regarding the Downing Street Memo, aka DSM. The blogosphere picked up on it in early May, and with some chides from Senator Kerry and Rep Conyers, hearings on DSM were heard this week because Conyers was able to obtain 540K of signitures from citizens who wanted hearings about this memo.

I have read parts of it since parts were published online. Is it a smoking gun for Bush, who planned to attack Iraq all along, and the British felt compelled to assist our government with slanted intelligence to make the case?

Here's my take on it, and I'm certain liberals will disagree with my opinion of the results. But I hope I am wrong, BTW.

As much as we would like to think that RAW STORY, DK, Salon, and other good blogs have the scoop on W and his strategic/tactical misdeeds as Woodard & Bernstein were able to prove with the RNC and President Nixon, I gander to say that this is will be more like the Iran-Contra scandal in Reagan's administration; Reagan was able to slip out of it unscathed. Instead, Rummy, some other undersecretaries, and a few military officials will take the bullets. Why? That's what they are hired to do, consequent to most popular opinions.

This is not to say that I think that our President has been truthful. But at the moment, he and his ilk still control the MSM, and until the MSM are less afraid of buckin' the broncos, his herd still holds the reins in the world of political maneuvers. Sad for the 1700 men and women and countless injured in Iraq, who did their service in the name of our country.