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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kung-Fu Elections Game

I just saw this link while surfing for info on JRE. It's a video/web game by Atom Films:

You can select from 4 Dems and 4 Republicans to fight gladiator style, but in a Kung-Fu setting.

Wonder if Chuck Norris is the real Huckabee in this video?

Let the games begin!

(h/t to Spulch)

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Friends of the Earth New Radio Ad in NH for JRE

I got this tidbit from an e-mail.

Ask: Where does your candidate stand on nuclear power?

NEW HAMPSHIRE—Friends of the Earth Action will begin airing a new radio ad in New Hampshire tomorrow that encourages voters to ask candidates where they stand on nuclear power in advance of the state’s Tuesday presidential primary.

“Nuclear power is dangerous and expensive. Private markets won’t support it, which is why the industry is trying to get taxpayers to foot the bill,” said Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder. “Voters need to be informed about this. If the industry gets the money it’s asking for, new reactors could be constructed at Seabrook and elsewhere in New Hampshire. The next president can play an important role in stopping these new plants.”

The ad, titled “Ask,” notes that President Bush recently signed a congressional omnibus spending bill that includes $20 billion in loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear plants. This money could jumpstart a new era of nuclear plant construction across the U.S.—including new reactors in New Hampshire—and stick taxpayers with the bill.

Friends of the Earth Action’s aim is to raise the profile of this issue prior to Tuesday’s vote.

TV ad to come also, here's a preview:

Hillary is for Nuclear Power and Barack Obama has taken $250,000 from nuclear operatives.

Update: FOE has questions about Obama and His Stance on the Environment here.

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John Edwards on Countdown

Good interview...status quo didn't win.

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Clover SC Native Hits the Trail for John Edwards

Good morning, BW readers. As we all know by now, JRE finished second in Iowa. My initial reaction was disappointment and maybe fearful, but after conversing with Larry Kissell (who is running for NC-08 and I donated to his campaign), Larry was right: the Iowa election signaled that the American people are ready for change. Obama just had more money, and combined with Clinton, outspent JRE 4 to 1. Clinton came in third. Obama did some horse trading and maneuvering that I thought was awful, but he won. And that's that.

But I wanted to share a bit of a story about a feller who is from Clover, SC, Rod Pursley, who went to Iowa right after Christmas and canvassed, phone banked, etc to help GOTC. Here's something from the Enquirer-Herald in SC:

Pursley, a Clover native who works at the University of Virginia, spent eight days in Iowa talking on the phone and braving 20-degree weather to knock on doors in a grass-roots effort that helped Edwards secure second place in Thursday's Iowa caucuses.

Helping a candidate who had 20 percent of the funding the two front-runners made the experience worth it, Pursley said.

"I just felt it was really important for me to put my money where my mouth (is)," he said.


Although he was disappointed Edwards didn't win first place, Pursley said he considers Iowa the calm before the storm for the Edwards campaign. As he drove into York County on Friday, he was already thinking about the South Carolina Democratic primary, which he'll help with on the weekends.

The Carolina primary is on January 26th.

Dedication amongst the JRE supporters. Sometimes dedication is worth a lot more than a loot of money.

Onward to New Hampshire. Video clip below of EE rallying the troops yesterday morning.

JRE skipped the fancy 100 Club dinner where it was the Obamafest to begin with, and instead spoke to 550 regular people.

Debate is on at 7:45 CT on ABC. I'll report more news as it comes along today.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

John Edwards is the Most Electable to Iowans in Fixed News Focus Group

Interesting. Electability matters, as does the consistency of message, and representing our middle class interests to these Iowans.

I'm certain Fixed Noise wasn't very pleased with the results, but at least Luntz was fair about it.

New poll at Taylor Marsh's place: Obama's unfavorables are higher than the other candidates, yet Zogby said this morning that Clinton was fading in Iowa.

It's too close to call, but of course, I am rooting for JRE.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

John Edwards: Iowa Final Countdown to Caucuses

Amazing energy, passion, strength, and will by JRE in gathering supporters together to get them riled up for tomorrow.

After all Tomorrow Starts Today!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

John Edwards in Ames, Iowa:

Taken by NCDem Amy, as she is following the campaign today. Edwards says "this is personal for me" in taking the fight to the White House.

Doug Bishop on John Edwards - Iowa Ad

Doug Bishop, a former employee at the now closed Maytag plant in Newton, IA, shares his reason why he supports John Edwards. Truly spoken from the heart and it will move you as well.

Cheering for the Narrative: John Edwards the Progressive Candidate

Chris Bowers at Open Left writes about why he thinks John Edwards is the best Democratic candidate and frames Edwards' progressive themes. It is an excellent read.

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Happy New Year: Iowa Momentum for John Edwards

Great video of the surge for John Edwards. He spoke at a rally last night that was supposed to have a hundred people; 5X that many came.

36 hour marathon started today.

Go John Go!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

John Edwards: Stand My Ground


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

John Edwards on Face the Nation 12/30/07

Edwards discusses Pakistan, corporate lobbyists and differences between himself and Clinton/Obama.

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5 Days to Go Until Iowa Caucuses

Today I will be posting videos, etc, as I find them, of the events in Iowa as EE and JRE are on TV this morning. I'm watching David Bonior on C-SPAN as I type.

Great pic from NYT, the handmade sign obviously done by a young supporter.

Iowans don't need fancy signs to show their support.

I saw JRE's (C-SPAN) RTH live in Boone, IA. Very upbeat event.

Video clip courtesy of NCDem. Q & A not included, but to let BW readers know, it lasted another 15 minutes or so. Contrast that to Madame Clinton, who took no questions after her session yesterday.

I wiped a tear or two away when John talked about when we stand up for the 37 million in poverty, 47M without health care, or the homeless vets, "America Rises."

On the C-SPAN segment in which EE was a guest, all of the phone calls to Elizabeth were positive, including 2 Republicans who said they would vote for JRE.

America is waiting to rise again.

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