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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards About Her Cancer on Local TV

Elizabeth was interviewed this week on one of the local channels. My understanding is EE was also a speaker at one of the universities this week concerning her battle with breast cancer. As she said in the interview, cancer may win, but why give anymore days or time to that process.

Keep fighting the good fights, Elizabeth. Especially when you are asked your expert opinion on other matters such as bankruptcy legislation that is being considered for medical care expense reform.

Now we need it for dogs, cats, and horses. Vet bills are expensive, and often pets are members of our families too.

UPDATE: Indyvoter posted a link to a C-SPAN recorded testimony about medical debt.

That makes sense to me. I couldn't figure out why the news would ignore this important hearing in the story. I guess they got short on time.

Here's a link too to the written statement.

Great smackdown by Senator Franken about stupid data samples concerning cancer rates around the world--and the lack of correlation to medical debt.

Elizabeth also does a polite smackdown of Sen. Jeff Session's comments about foreclosures and different states' provisions on chapter 7. He didn't appear to understand what he voted for in 2005. I noticed he sought her out after the hearing.

Support Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's bill, Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act of 2009. Senator Russ Feingold has requested to be a co-sponsor. It is S. 1624. Let's reform health care, not just health insurance.

JRE supporters may recall JRE was against the Bankruptcy bill in 2005, and here's why (from TPM Cafe).

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