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Friday, November 24, 2006

This and That Related to JRE

Last night my spouse and I saw the new movie, Bobby. Quick review.

It's about the day in the life of 22 people in June 1968 when he was murdered. Only at the very last does the film have a good speech regarding world hate at the end (after the assassination), but otherwise, I think the title of the film is misleading. I found it entertaining as it has a star-studded cast and good ensembles. Messages resonate in the sense of what we would like the world to be in some instances (personal responsibility) but not the craziness of the times. I still liked it, but just if you expect to see more about Bobby K and his message, or much about the war on poverty, your expectation will go unmet. Admittedly though there is something about John Edwards that reminds me of Bobby K.

Speaking of, a little plug here. John Edwards is on Book-TV on this Sunday at 5:15 (ET) and Monday am at 12:30 ET to talk about Home: the Blueprints of our Lives.

Elizabeth spoke tonight on CBS News in the "Free Speech" segment concerning connections and respect to one another, especially as we live and grow more in a service economy/society. Here's the link:

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just In Time: New Loreena McKennitt Music

One of my favorite artists...

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