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Saturday, January 06, 2007

JRE Buzz (38): Time Magazine: The Anti-Clinton

This story came out in Time yesterday, but I just saw it a few minutes ago. Pretty good article overall.

Interesting quote:
Although in 2004 he spoke eloquently of the "Two Americas"--rich and poor--if you looked at the fine print, Edwards backed ideas that originated in the centrist group that created much of Bill Clinton's agenda, the Democratic Leadership Council. Not this time.

My own thought is that if Congress doesn't fix the AMT problem coming up in 2010 (and it looks like they won't, according to the WSJ), then President Edwards would encourage them to do so. Why do I think that? I listened to the November podcast not too long ago, and this was on the list of "to-do's" for Congress.

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John Edwards to Visit Southern California Next Week

The Wilshire and Washington site reports that JRE will be in Los Angeles, including a fund raiser at the Endeavor Talent Agency. I was not familiar with this site, but apparently it reports on entertainment and politics.

Smart move on the Senator's part to get in there before HRC and others do.

Edwards will also be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday night.

Wish I could be there, but my DVR will be running, that's for sure.

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The Real First Announcement

Despite what Jeff Pulver says that John Edwards announced his candidacy on YT, I think the real first announcement was through their podcast, which was overshadowed by the blip of the site switch.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Benny and the Geeks

During my winter break last week, I went on a whirlwind trip to Iowa. I was one of 10 bloggers who was invited (or confirmed) to a "Blogger Sit-Down" with Presidential candidate John R. Edwards before the Town Hall meeting in Des Moines.

I had read the night before that Robert Scoble was going to be on the first legs of the announcement tour with Edwards. So, when he and others, such as Matt Gross, the Edwards campaign Online communications director appeared in the room where we were supposed to wait, I was thrilled to meet them. Little did I know a Lockernome, Jake Ludington, would be in attendance.
The 1st pic is of Jake Ludington in the background filming the "sit-down" with JRE, who is answering a question about his chances against a home pol, Gov. Tom Vilsack.

In this 2nd shot, Robert is the "Ken Doll" that Maryamie referred to last week on her myspace blog. I told Robert he was one of my tech heros, mainly because of his book, Naked Conversations, which happens to be in the Business and Economics Library where I work. The book is about business blogs and their importance..if they are set up in the way that customers and potential customers can truly get information from companies about their products and services, with a social angle to them. Why social and not just business speak? Because blogs are linked and are like conversations. I would argue though Scoble's not plastic; definitely down to earth.

Another Geek: John Edwards. Yes, he announced his candidacy on YT. He told a group of bloggers in a conference call before the YT posting what his campaign themes would be before officially announcing the next morning in NOLA. I know: I heard about it myself.

No, Edwards doesn't type his own blogs, but in Scoble's interview posted in the past 24 hours, Edwards says has someone typing his words verbatim when doing a live blog on Kos or JRE08. But look at this pic on the right, as he is answering my question about Russia engaging the Iranians about nuclear weapons: his shoes aren't brand new.

As someone at the JRE08 blog blurted about this pic of JRE:

Notice the soles of his shoes, proof of in touch with reality in my book. This man walks the walk.

A geek, an expert on political communications that I mentioned earlier, was Matt Gross, who was in the press section next to me, and patiently awaiting providing JRE with a question from a blogger who is watching the TH event via a live stream. I snapped a quick one of him. My view: it was not a town hall; it was a event of 1500-2500 political concert goers as the lights were bright, amplified, and great lead-in and denouement music, which included Mellencamp's "Our Country".

Other Geeks: NCDem Amy, who was one of the CJ's traveling with JRE in NOLA and Iowa. She's great. I've been blogging with her for 3 years, and it was our first time to meet. Hope it's not our last.

For a total roundup of the Announcement tour by Philgoblue, go here.

To borrow/substitute words from Sir Elton John and to imagine his music of "Bennie and the Jets", 1973 hit:

"Oh, they're weird and they're wonderful,
Oh, and Benny, she's really keen
On John Reid Edwards, and his walking shoes
You would have not read this in a magazine
Oh-Oh...Benny and the Geeks.

Benny..bennae..and the Geeks... "

Sigh..I'm a geek girl wannabe...but I'm happy to be in the company of the true geeks and bloggers.

Update: The Scobleizer has posted all of his videos on John Edwards08 blog. Here's the one with the Iowa bloggers (and I'm one of the interviewees) from the Scoble Show.

Matt Gross will be profiled into tomorrow's News-Record. Click the link for a peak.


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Podtech's Robert Scoble Interviews John Edwards

As reported last week, Robert Scoble was invited to follow Presidential 2008 John Edwards around, film him, interview him, etc. It looks like it was done on the plane enroute to Reno, but I'm not totally certain. The first part is in film, the other is in audio as the battery power died on the film recorder.

Most of the conversation is about the social media and why Edwards feels strongly about it. Why: to have a bottom-up democracy, and to give others a voice in the course of change.

Yes, Edwards admits that he has someone help type when he blogs because Edwards is a lousy typist.

Go here for entire post.

More l8tr....

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Library of Congress Rules: Thomas Jefferson's Quran

From Yahoo news/AP:

WASHINGTON - Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, will use a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson during his ceremonial swearing-in Thursday.

The chief of the Library of Congress' rare book and special collections division, Mark Dimunation, will walk the Quran across the street to the Capitol and then walk it back after the ceremony.

Ellison, D-Minn., contacted the library about the book last month, Dimunation said.

What a great idea...use Jefferson's personal collection of spiritual books.


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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2007, Central Time

Promises to be an exciting that JRE is back on the Road to the White House.

Oh, go see "Dreamgirls". Best musical movie I've seen in a quite awhile. I bought the soundtrack today. Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, and Keith Robinson (he was in Primary Colors) will surprise you! Want some reviews first? Click here.

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