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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey Party Girl

I am beginning to wonder if the Gold Dust Woman in JRE's life is a sociopath for media attention.

Through her sister, she claims she wants to work if Hollywood gave her a decent offer:

Why a mother would want to embarrass her former lover over and over when he is providing every expense for her and the child? She's just a party girl and doesn't have a sense of maturity to buck up to handle her situation. Her sister is also to blame for blasting out against JRE.

JRE, you really goofed in being so intimate with this woman and allowing the affair to go too far. But most of all, I feel badly for Emma Claire and Jack--as well as the step sister involved. I think JRE knows now this woman was just a party girl and he treated her as such. But he owned up with his wallet.

She doesn't like being known as a party girl, but that is just what she is.

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