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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King Live

Last night, Elizabeth Edwards was on Larry King's show, debating amongst things, the rhetoric of health care reform with former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson. Here's the video, courtesy of CNN:

For now, here's a link to the transcript. Later I will post more parts of it and comment on what was exchanged between EE and TT.

And to many commenters on my post about EE standing by her man, she reiterated that "they" (and I took it to mean her and John) were getting the kids ready for school.

From the transcript:

EDWARDS: Things are going fine. We're getting the children ready for a new school year. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly at my house.

KING: And the...

EDWARDS: But thank you for asking.

KING: And the continued questions about the paternity factor, is there any solution there -- DNA tests?

Do you know if anything is going to happen?

EDWARDS: I -- my expectation is at some point, something happens. And I hope for the -- for the sake of -- of this child that -- that it happens, you know, in a quiet way.

My point here is that while Elizabeth may or may not be by to read BW, she will follow her own advice. I stick by Elizabeth and she knows what is best for her family.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Krugman Shouts Out Nick Beaudrot, Former JRE Supporter

Today my friend TomP, who writes a lot of diaries at the Daily Kos and Docudharma, e-mailed a few folks to inform us that our fellow JRE supporter and blogger, Nick Beaudrot, had a shout out from Nobel Prize winner, economist, and NYT columnist Paul Krugman on his blog today.

Here is the flow diagram by Nick that Krugman thinks simplifies what the current plan for health insurance reform should do:

Source: Donkeylicious

This makes perfect sense to me as it did to Paul Krugman.

Nick and I were bloggers together for the JRE campaign in 2007 until JRE suspended the campaign in late Jan 2008. I sent Nick a SMS to congratulate him on this shout-out.

I wonder if Krugman knew that Nick was a JRE supporter, especially as Krugman always thought JRE's health care proposals were the most progressive amongst the major candidates. I didn't ask Nick if he was personally acquainted with Krugman. Figured that was not my business.

Now, if Obama would only sell the diagram to Blue Dogs and the hijackers on the Senate Finance Committee. Max Baucus, are you listening?

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards: I will stand by John

And I will too, considering he did wrong by you, EE.