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Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Be A Clown" Saturday Night

For some who think I should take down my blog, etc, here's my response, and enjoy:

I was always a fan of the Marx Brothers. Hint.

I'm baking a quiche a la Benny tonight. Should be ready in an hour and not long after that, I'll be checking the net to see how Katherine Reutter did in her first heat in Women's 500 short track.

Be a clown!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

O doesn't equate to FDR

My pal Montana Maven has a salient post over at FDL about our current administration which shies away from liberal positions, even if they try to sell them (then back away, using the moniker "they make me do it).

From FDL:
Liberals, who I like, from Mark Thompson on Sirius Left to Les Leopold invoke FDR and the idea that he told activists to "make him do it". Or that Martin Luther King made President Johnson do it. Ergo, it is our responsibility to push Obama. It smacks of a variation on the "personal responsibility" meme of Bill Cosby and shifts the attention away from the Obama administration and their responsibility. And is it even true?

FDR was a natural fighter (and so was Johnson) and became even more fierce with his ongoing battle with polio. He had the first female Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, and she was often the last person to leave after a cabinet meeting. Who is last now? Geithner and Gates? And quick, who is the secretary of labor?

FDR saw who the enemy was and it was Wall Street or as he said, "entrenched greed." Obama said in his state of the union that he wasn’t interested in punishing the banksters that brought the world economy down. He reinforced this on February 9, 2010 in is latest statement:

"I, like most of the American people, don’t begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free- market system."

But FDR was not only interested in punishing the Wall Street gamblers, he got laws passed to break their kneecaps.

Yeppers, Obama is afraid of the conservatives. FDR was mindful of other considerations, in which his wife was his conscience.

I'm wondering if Mrs. Obama thinks as ER about all of the windows to present to her husband. I hope so but I'm not so sure since she has two little ones to consider. My point is that while she tries to be somewhat like ER (the garden and a few things), ER's children were already raised.

What do you think about Obama compared to FDR as a sound progressive or liberal?

And please, do not bring up JRE's personal life on this thread but if you think his ideas could have been like FDR's, that's appropriate. Otherwise, this is not an intelligent discussion of ideas, which is what this thread is about. Let's discuss ideas!!!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Congrats Saints!

I was rootin' for ya all last night. I never gave up hope, just as you didn't. The Defense was spectacular in the second half.

The seal dealer: Tracy Porter (a Louisanan):

As he is running so fast past everyone, watch the change of hands in carrying the ball; they represented joy and good pride. He ran 78 yards in 11 seconds.

NOLA should be proud, especially after Brownie and Bush almost let it drown.

One of my NOLA buds called it the "Year of the Yat."

To the Colts credit, they were close to getting another touchdown. Just wasn't their night.

After the Pokes, I said even midway this past season, it looked to be the Saints' year. Pokes were lucky to win against the Saints in the latter part of the season, but I knew the Saints would likely win a rematch, the Vikings got to the Pokes first.

Thank goodness the Saints' coaches didn't listen to Phil Simms at 3:24 left in the game. And they took some nice risks. Great game, great job.

Update: this is crap from the media about Peyton Manning. He and the Colts do not deserve any big blame for not wanting to speak out. Peyton Manning was correct: it was the Saints' field last night.

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