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Saturday, September 16, 2006

JRE Buzz (27): Salsa Edition

This is called the Salsa Edition because John Edwards was in Miami yesterday to stump for Jim Davis, who is running for governor in Florida (one of our noteable places since 2000), and according to the St. Petersburg Times, the Boss's song, "The Rising" was playing as Edwards and Davis got on the stage.

Notable is right and was reflected in Davis' comment, "We need to have a governor's election and get a secretary of state who upholds the principle of free and fair elections, and that's as far as I get.''

Here's what Elinor J. Brecher of the Miami Herald reported in her opening paragraph:
At a Jim Davis-Daryl Jones rally in Miami Friday, former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards delivered what sounded like a preview of his 2008 presidential stump speech, lamenting how the Iraq war has tarnished America's image and created ``chaos in the world.''

''When there are crises, the world doesn't rally around the United States of America,'' he said at Miami Dade College's downtown Miami Wolfson Campus.

``The world needs to see who we are. You can't lead with just power; you've got to have the moral authority to lead.''

LINK to rest of the article.

The Orlando Sentinel had some other information and quotes to offer:

The future of the world is at stake in the upcoming elections, Edwards said.

"When America doesn't lead, and we are the pre-eminent power on the face of the planet, there is no leader and you look at the result," Edwards told a crowd of about 200. "We have chaos in the world, chaos literally from Egypt to Pakistan."

Edwards said the world is ready for a change and Davis and his running mate, former state Sen. Daryl Jones, can do that for Florida.

"I look at them and I see hope and potential and so much of what is possible in the state of Florida and in America," Edwards said.

Looks like JRE reunited with some of his former staffers, again according to the SPTimes site:
Davis' campaign manager, Jennifer O'Malley, is Edwards' field director in Iowa; his policy director, Tait Sye, was Edwards' old deputy press secretary. Even Davis' senior travel aide, Reggie Hubbard, used to campaign by Edwards' side and hugged his old boss Friday.

Sounds it like a good rally to me in which new and old friends got to meet.


Oh, yes, it's time for Snarkville.

Today's snark is from a LTTE by Jack Moog who penned the following at the Northwest Herald:

"John Edwards, Al Gore and John Kerry all are possible contenders as the Democratic Party's nominee for president in 2008. What do they have in common?

These three are so oleaginous that if you ran them through a wringer, you could squeeze out enough oil to satisfy our national needs for a month. "

I find that hilarious. Only Kerry and Gore would use such a word such as "oleaginous." Edwards has a way to blast against the nasty comments by opponents, but in words most understand. Wonder if W knows that word means?

More buzz l8tr...

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

JRE Buzz (26): College for Everyone Edition

Update, Sept 14th, 2006:

Edwards' College for Everyone Visit to Greene County again today story from the Fayetteville Online:

Edwards comes again to rural N.C. promising college money

After handing out $300,000 in scholarships to last year's graduates, former vice presidential candidate John Edwards returned Thursday to a high school in rural eastern North Carolina promising to help pay the bills of another class of college-bound seniors.

Edwards met with Greene Central High School students to explain the guidelines of his "College For Everyone" program. Last year, the program helped cover college costs for about 80 graduates, nearly two-thirds of the senior class. College enrollment from the school hovered at about 25 percent two years ago.

"All the early indications say this program is going to be very successful," said Edwards, who grew up in Robbins, about 140 miles west of Snow Hill. "My hope is that it will become a model for the rest of North Carolina and the rest of the country."

(photo credit: Charles Buchanan, the Free Press)

Note that JRE's engagement was in the school's library!

Reaction Positive..

Edwards again extended the offer to about 150 seniors Thursday. The program, which is now partnered with all 16 public universities and four of the state's community colleges, covers the cost of tuition, books and required fees for the first year of college.

"This gives everyone an equal opportunity to go to college," said student body president Robert Taylor Jr., who wants to study performing arts and music at Appalachian State University or the North Carolina School of the Arts. "I'm just honored to be a part of it."

Me too, JRE

Mr Sugar was disappointed in Not Being Invited to a JRE Gig with bloggers in CH last night. I don't blame Mr. Sugar; Coturnix wasn't either.

Jeepers, Pete Calos from the Tribstar in Indiana thought JRE has a half a chance to be a front winner this time. That's optimistic from our tippycanoe friends.

In Yesterday's News..

California Notes blogger Randy Bayne gives a CJ account of the Angelides Rally last Saturday.

(photo credit by Randy Bayne)

"Phil Angelides shared the stage with former North Carolina Senator and candidate for President, John Edwards on Saturday at a rally in San Francisco. Also there, warming up the crowd were California Democratic Party Chairman, Art Torres, soon to be Lt. Governor, John Garamendi, Assemblyman Mark Leno, and Board of Equalization member Betty Yee.Following the opening comments and an introduction by Garamendi, Edwards and Angelides took the stage together.

Edwards spoke first.

"We need to speak for those who don't have a voice."

Read the rest here at California Notes--and more pics too.

Link to Angelides for Governor slide show on Flickr.

Another report from BayArea Reporter. Nice pic too.

This just in...

The Buzz: Florida Politics reports JRE will be in Miami on Friday afternoon for a Jim Davis rally. Davis's events web page confirms the following:

Miami Dade Community College, Room 2106 Bldg 2,
Second Floor300 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, Florida 33132

9/15/2006 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Another upcoming event: JRE on David Bender's Politically Direct show next week on Air America Left on XMRadio.

Personal Activism/netroots/Grassroots..Will they Take Hold?

Today another candidate, who is sort of compared to Ned Lamont is Carol Shea-Porter, who won a primary against Jim Craig. Steve Kornacki (who has been mentioned here before) writes about Shea-Porter's race:

"In a high turnout environment, it’s entirely possible Shea-Porter would have lost tonight’s primary, an unknown name on the ballot to the horde of casual voters who only show up when there are marquee statewide contests. But hers was the only competitive Democratic primary in the state, producing historically low turnout – and the opportunity to flex her organizing muscle.

Indeed, few of the 12,000 or so votes Shea-Porter received – 51 percent of the tally, compared to 37 percent for Jim Craig, the prohibitive favorite before the ballots were counted – were products of name recognition (she essentially had none), establishment support (Craig had the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a host of prominent state Democrats, or money (Craig raised better than $325,000, to about $30,000 for Shea-Porter). Instead, she relied on a sizeable network of loyal and industrious activists, who spread the word through letters to the editor and unique and persistent personal appeals."

Sounds like a John Edwards Democrat to me, but she may like Wes Clark still.

I'll be looking to see if JRE will be lending her a hand up.


A nice blog who wishes for what we at BW do. PSoTD blog seems to think we are ready for American Camelot II, and we are ripe for someone like JRE after the dark age of Bush.

Have to agree, but that's at least two years away. But I can see Emma Claire and Jack running around the place, albeit I think Elizabeth would try to be a little more transparent about how she does business as First Lady, compared to Jackie K.

More buzz l8tr...

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Dubya Gets Some Free Advertising in Canada

Unbelievable...and very funny

Story here...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

John Locke Shouts Out JRE

Called "Meet the Next President: Edwards Has a Plan" from the Examiner.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Don’t tell John Edwards that the crowded contest for the Democratic presidential nomination of 2008 is being dominated by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I don’t think it’s true,” says Edwards, the Democratic vice presidential candidate of 2004, in an interview with The Examiner.

“If Hillary Clinton runs for president, she will be a significant factor in the nomination, there’s no question about that,” Edwards concedes over soft drinks in a bustling restaurant.

But then he adds: “I would say exactly the same thing about several other people.”

Pros and Cons listed by different poll takers.

Interesting. I had a few lurkers looking for John Locke stuff today here. Maybe that is why.

Another blog picked up the Iowa is "cool towards Clinton" attitude, meaning Iowans aren't warm to HRC at this time. The author claims Hillary squandered her chance, but wondered aloud still if there could be "We are not ready for a woman Prez", as one Iowan was quoted. My response was this:
It’s not about a woman as a candidate for the Presidency; it is about HRC as a polarizing figure on both left and right. My own choice if he wants to run, is John R. Edwards, but not just because he is a man; it is because he has vision to lead us into a better citizenship-nation.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughts about 9/11

"Let's Roll"

Two years ago, John Edwards gave his thoughts about 9/11 at a CBC Prayer Breakfast 2 years ago. His words still resonate with me which is why I re-post them once a year. He's a very spiritual person, which I think is why many, like myself, find him to be a worthy candidate.

Good morning.

Today, on this day of remembrance and mourning, we have the Lord's word to get us through. "The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones; the sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place."And let me show you how we are building and putting cedars in those three hallowed places-the footprints of the Towers, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania.
Walk with me through this day and you will see that this is a season of hope. For at this moment, just outside of New York, a mother laces up her daughter's shoes. And they are ready to start their long walk through this day. The daughter is two and a half. She can say his name, "Dad." She can point to his picture, but she does not know him.On this day, they go to Central Park to remember with the other families. Then, they head downtown to place a flower where he died-the once tall tower where he left his first, last and only message addressed to her. And they return home still in their Sunday bests after a Saturday of sorrow.So walk with me through this day.

Today, a town gathers in front of their church. It is a town where so many-53-were taken before their time. For a week after that September day, the Lord's doors were open. The Lord's doors were open for that hour of loneliness just before dawn. That night when the silence inside the house was too much to bear. And for that moment when just missing their wife, their husband and the love of their life was the greatest pain they'd ever known.But today, they are there to ring a new church bell-a gift born out of their grief. They want it to ring from the bell tower to ensure that "sorrow and sighing shall flee away." That bell will toll for the souls gone home. It will toll for those who still weep. And it will toll for those who rejoice in life's great gifts.

Walk with me through this day.

And across our great river, the men and women who stood at their posts at the Pentagon; who helped rescue the wounded and carried the dying, and who still guard their post at this moment will pause in a sea of stone and valor. They will lay a wreath. They will pray onward soldier you answered your calling here but your work is not done in the Lord's house. And they will pray for those whose wounds have not healed-the burns that cause them great pain every time they reach out to hold their wife's hand until the stars rise and the night falls on this day in September.

So walk with me through this day.To that field in Pennsylvania where-the mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors of that day's warriors- will stand in the middle of all things beautiful. They will read the names of those who charged. Those who fought back. Those who never gave up so that evil never had the chance to finish its plan. They come together, as their loved ones did, to find hope in the middle of the Lord's green field.They will sing. They will pray. And they will lay a wreath where Flight 93 fell. And in a place where smoke once rose, you and I we will see that cedar rising.

Walk with me through this day.

At this hour and all day long, strangers will follow the Lord's wish. In memory and in the hope that goodwill and grace will always triumph out of tragedy, they will give. In "a day's payment of service," New York City firefighters will give and fly to California to help rebuild homes destroyed in the fires. Businessmen from Long Island will give and take sick kids to a ball game. Men and women in Memphis will give and build wheelchair ramps for the disabled. And there are thousands standing in Afghanistan, standing in the very place where evil grew, giving their service to ensure that evil never rises again.These Americans will give because so many were taken from us. And for them-the three strangers who came together to start this day of service-a mother who lost her son, a brother who lost a brother, and a friend who lost a friend-for them September 11th is never in the past; it is enduring. It is never just an anniversary; it is a time of renewal for each and every one of us to do God's work here on earth.

So walk with me through this day.

At this breakfast, our prayers will be heard and answered for those who still need comfort. They need a hand to hold as they try over and over again to forget the crashing windows, the fire, and the falling steel that took their coworkers but not them. They need the comfort of prayers as they sit in solitude. They have their head in their hands as they wonder like the other tens of thousands who walked out-why I lived and the others did not. And they need to know that we are with them even when it feels like we aren't as they try to rebuild their lives without.

Whether it's one year, two years, three years or until our short time on this earth comes to an end. Those who lost that day will always miss them. Those who worked night and day until the last cart was carried out of Ground Zero will always know they did their best. And those who unfurled their flags, gave blood, comforted a child who lost their Dad, and made that day the defining day for them to leave their mark on this earth-we will always remember that unity of purpose.

Walk with me through this day.

And you will see that while those bricks fell and the sycamores cut down, our people are making those cedars rise."And let us not grow weary in well-doing for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart."And let us not grow weary of taking care of those families. Let us not grow weary of praying for those soldiers who defend us from that evil at this hour. Let us not grow weary for giving up a day in our lives for those who are gone. And let us not grow weary in our determination to never forget, to never grow indifferent to what occurred that dark day in September.This season of hope does not have to end tomorrow. We do not have to wait for yet another anniversary to come and go. We know what we want in this country. We want that one America.

There have been few times when we saw the possibilities of one America more than on September 11, 2001. All Americans, black and white, young and old, rich and poor, were bound together in tragedy and resolve to ensure that once again good triumphed over evil. Sitting here today, after so long in the desert, it may seem like a mirage. But we know it is real, and that it is possible because we have seen it. We want one America. We want that hope, that faith, and that purpose without the tears, the pain, and the sorrow.

You know, I have learned two lessons in my life. One is that there will always be heartache and struggle in our lives. We can't make it go away. And the other is that people of good will can make a difference. One lesson is sad and the other is inspiring. And walking together through this day, we choose to be inspired because we know that we can fulfill the promise.

In times like these, if we can work together, comfort together, and help communities rebuild together, then let's do that for all of the challenges that exists right now and build one America. For that child we see every day sitting on the front step, locked out and alone, let's work together to give him a safe place to go with friends and teachers while his mom works. For that mother who works hard all day-forty hours plus a week- and she still has to sit at the kitchen table and divide her bills into pay now and pay later, let's work together to give her a country that honors work so she can get ahead.For that whole town that's watched their factory lock its doors, let's work together to make sure that we bring opportunity and an equal chance to their front door.For that young boy who always sits in the back of the classroom unable to read the basic instructions, but is too scared to ask for help, let's build him a school that's a palace for learning so no child is ever afraid to ask for help.And for that family we know on every street. The mother and father are working hard. He takes the late-bus to work and she takes the early bus. They're doing what's right, what they're supposed to do to take care of their family. And yet later tonight, they might have to put their kids to bed hungry again because they can't afford dinner on a Saturday.So let's work together to end poverty.

Now some are going to say "end poverty" you can't do that. That's something we've been fighting for centuries. We just have to live with it. Says who? Anything is possible in this country when you and I work together. If we put a man on the moon; if we conquered diseases like polio; if we can live through a terrible day like September 11th , then we can build the Lord's house in every heart and home across this land.Some days sorrow just storms in doesn't it. You wake up one beautiful morning and the kingdom is at hand. You're on your way to work, to school, or to fly west to see your family. You're washing down the fire truck or walking the halls in the Pentagon. You're waving good bye to your young son on his first day at his new job. You're just talking on the phone with your child. And then sorrow hits.It never asks if it can drop by. It doesn't knock. And it never asks if you're ready. It just hits and knocks everything down. And the next day, grief washes over thousands and sorrow surrounds us.But we know how to beat it back.

In America, we always rise up. Sometimes not on the first day or the second day, but we begin to rise up and build something new.This is who we are, and this is the eternal spirit of America.That is why that young girl who never knew her father, will feel the comfort of millions as we walk with her through this day and her life. That is why the men and women at the Pentagon will feel the prayers of millions as they salute their fallen. That is why the families in Pennsylvania will know that we weep with them. That is why the firefighters and police officers who miss their brothers will know that we miss them too.

And that is why a new bell tolls in a church on the other side of the Hudson River.You and I, we hear it. It tolls once for the dead. It tolls a second time for the mournful. And the third time, it tolls for us. It tolls for us to seek joy in our families, comfort in our children, and hope in our neighbors.Each time that bell tolls, it calls us to a greater purpose. It calls us to never forget. It calls us to do the Lord's work here on earth. And it calls on us to always remember that when we walk through this day together-the cedars will rise, the stones will go up, and this season of hope will endure.

Thank you and God bless you, the families and friends who mourn, and our great United States of America.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Converge South Conference & Elizabeth Edwards

Sue's Place reminds me and others that Converge South is more than just blogging. Here's her message:

Just in case you missed it, ConvergeSouth is not a blogging conference. Last year’s focus was on blogging and the organizing team knew that blogging was on its way out as a huge national topic. Those who knew how to blog, well, knew how to blog. And those who didn’t, probably would never be bloggers. But if they wanted to be, there was LOTS of info for them to learn from.
People wanted to do more than blog. Much more.

The planning naesance for this year hinged on two things:

We could afford (raise money for) a one-day conference. In addition, NC A&T had yet to name their Chair for the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, so it was unfair to ask A&T to put together a Friday Journalism conference. We decided that one day would be a great regional conference and let us focus on a great shorter conference with plans for next year.

We don’t have lots of time, we organizers. We love planning for ConvergeSouth but we have jobs and families and lives. We didn’t want to be married to the conference.

We’ve already had inquiries from potential Discussion Leaders for next year and some of them are famous. Ed and I have had a couple of cups of coffee while discussing that if one volunteer famous person is left, then we would try to schedule an “equal” volunteer famous person from the right and we’re already making inquiries because a full year is not too early to start.

Now I happen to know that some of you NC bloggers have been visiting BW in the past day or so after Cone me gave a shout-out on Friday, and I hope you aren't disappointed. I am just a blogger. I try to post all kinds of news about John Edwards and his activities since his vision appeals to me for a number of reasons (check my 06/27/2006 post). Anyway, I hope NC bloggers or even those who don't have blogs but want to learn from some folks who have been at social networking for a long time, please consider signing up for Converge South. The bonus: meeting Elizabeth Edwards (scroll down on the link to find EAE) who really gets it about web communities and what they mean to bloggers--and to her.

Just now noticed...

Elizabeth responded a little earlier than I did on Ed Cone's thread. How awesome. I'm copying it here.

From Ed Cone's Word-Up:

I certainly would be disappointed if my presence at ConvergeSouth discouraged people from attending.

Yes, I am a Democrat, but I am not a Democrat when I go to PTA meetings or when I shop for groceries . . . or when I am in a conversation about the incredible community-building opportunities on the internet.

And no, I am not a blogger. If I could live five lives at one time, I probably would be; I admire greatly those who keep their blogs alive daily and, even better, more often than daily. You have incredible stamina and obviously active minds. On the other hand, although I have posted but four blog entries (and numerous responses) on the new OAC website and have been on online conversations using the chat feature at the site, I have posted replies on OAC and numerous other blogs. I may not have time to populate my own blog, but I do have enough time, periodically, to respond to others. And I am surprised that there is such disdain for those who don't personally blog "enough" for you. Some of us, you should be very glad to hear, are busy reading yours.

I don't expect to be political or personal. I hope to be candid (and civil) and to provoke you to be the same.

And that is Elizabeth. Word Up Readers, I can guarantee that was her voice.

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Overlooked Interview of JRE in Mizzou

In searching for JRE Buzz (24) Labor Day Edition, I overlooked a Ky3 News interview of John Edwards. Good questions asked by reporter David Catanese. Snarks in comment section, but that's to be expected when non-Dem bloggers are concerned that Edwards might run...and might win.

Here's part of the interview..

After all the hoopla on the stage at Springfield's Labor Day picnic, we got to interview John Edwards, as he stood beside Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill to meet the press.

The following is the exchange I had with him . . . and her:

Catanese - Just two years ago when you ran here, you lost Greene County by 25 points. What's changed?
Edwards - I ran here as a vice presidential candidate, not as a presidential candidate, let me say that first. Second, I think what's changed is that the war in Iraq has become an incredible mess. The healthcare situation in America has gotten worse. There are millions more people in poverty than there were 2 years ago. Gasoline prices have gone through the roof. That's what's changed. And the world's view of America has gotten steadily worse over these 2 years. I think the mood in mid-America is we are better than this and people want to see it.

Catanese - Republicans recently put forward a proposal to repeal part of the estate tax and raise the minimum wage. Would you have supported that?
Edwards- No. I think we desperately need to raise the minimum wage but it shouldn't be tied to getting rid of taxes on billionaires. People like me, and Claire can speak for herself, are totally for exempting family farmers and small businessmen and women, so their families never pay the estate tax. But I'm not for having Bill Gates not pay the estate tax. Bill Gates, by the way, is not for having Bill Gates not pay the estate tax. What I think we ought to do is raise the minimum wage on its own, on the merits up or down, without being tied to something else. That was just a trick.


Link to Ky3 News story about the Springfield rally and video clip.

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