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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Did You Catch the E-Cast by John Edwards?

Today's E-Cast is about the things John Edwards would have liked to discuss in the debate.

For a quick summary, click here to read Chasollilith's diary at the Daily Kos. However, I think listening is much better.

Here's a quick little clip from the Clyburn Fish Fry last night. One person reported thousands of people were there.

I'm still looking for a link to a replay of the South Carolina Democratic Convention speech today. Edwards was on fire...and got the crowd on its feet.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Here's My Meme: President and First Lady Edwards

Photo creator: Sirius at the JRE blog.

Repeat: President and First Lady Edwards.

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Future President Edwards

Photo courtesy of the NYT. Take a good look at who is in the center and looks the most presidential.

Transcript of the debate here.

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John Edwards: The Question I Wasn't Asked (at Daily Kos)

Last night I was busy blogging at the DU about the debates, and I missed most of the Kos parties, except for the Edwards Evening News, which was on about 8:45. About 11:30 CT, John Edwards dropped by the Daily Kos and let the netrooters know in a way, that he wasn't asked certain questions (and yes, he was asked stupid questions, such as his hair style purchases) on Iraq, so I am going to repost what I missed and many of BW readers probably didn't see either.


I hope you all got a chance to watch tonight's debate. These conversations are all about giving the American people the power to make an informed choice about the future of our country. That's why I take my responsibility so seriously to provide specific, honest and complete answers about my beliefs and my plans.

There were a lot of good questions tonight and I was glad that I got to address many important areas of policy and character. But there was one critical question I wasn't asked - one that's extremely relevant right now as President Bush and Congress are set to face off in Washington. I'd like to answer that for you here:

What should we be doing — right now — to end the war in Iraq?

As you've heard, the Senate has followed the House and passed a bill to fund our troops with a timeline to bring them home and end the conflict. Both houses of Congress have now passed funding bills that reflect the will of the American people that we must end the war in Iraq.

The president has said he will veto this legislation, which will defy the American people and deny our troops the funding they need. When that happens, the president will be the one blocking support for our troops, not Congress.

With so much at stake, Congress must stand firm.

If Bush vetoes the funding for our troops, Congress must send the same bill back to the president -- and they should do this again and again--as many times as it takes for Bush to understand that the American people are right and the war must be brought to an end.

In the next few days, the will of Congress will be severely tested. Bush will be doing everything in his considerable power to convince the nation that Congress is responsible for his reckless decision not to fund the troops. Plenty of people in Washington will say the political risks are just too great and Democrats in Congress should just back down.

If there ever was a time to replace political calculation with political courage, that time is now. If Congress shows courage, they can end this war.

But where will they find that courage in the face of Karl Rove's media machine? They'll find it if all of us speak up as loudly as we can in the next few crucial days and demand that our representatives do what is right. Political courage has always been found in the voice of the people - and our voice is needed today.

Thanks for tuning in to tonight's debate and for caring enough about your country to get involved when your country needs you most. I look forward to continuing our work together in the months and years to come.

I might add I was totally annoyed by Madame Clinton's response at the debate about a second Clinton presidency. Sorry, but I want 21st century leadership, not the 1990's.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Emma Claire Edwards

Emma Claire is 9 years old. And she is the apple of dad's eye, as seen in this photograph from January 27 on Energy Action Day. This is where they helped a family in Pennsylvania "winterize" their home. Jack, the inspiration for "Benny", is on the stairs.

Our future first family will be travelling together this summer and the fall, and they will be seeing New Hampshire. Speaking of NH, Edwards picked up 40 endorsements from Granite State legislators and was the first Democratic (and may be only) from their state senate, as reported yesterday. That rocks!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Edwards Evening News

Each night, some bloggers get together at the Daily Kos and blog about recent news concerning John Edwards, his ideas, his family and their activities. Check it out..


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Colbert Classic

Good video from the Correspondent's Dinner last year.

Very different from the one Arianna Huffington attended on Saturday.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

John Edwards Says to Detroit: Invest in Our Hubs

Let carmakers lead energy shift, he says

April 22, 2007


The U.S. government should invest billions to help Michigan become the hub for transforming the nation's energy economy, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Saturday.

Speaking to more than 1,800 Democrats at the annual Jefferson Jackson dinner at Cobo Center in Detroit, Edwards said he'd like to see Michigan evolve.

To read the liveblog from the J-J Dinner, go here.

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