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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Guys Named John Talk About Small Towns

Some scrub got on the DU and said that when JRE was invited to come out and say hello at a John Mellencamp concert, there were more boos than cheers. The media reported the same.

JSamuel posted this video that was released by Mellencamp's folks and I don't hear that many jeers. JRE was gracious and it was nice to see the rapport between them.

Enjoy this video, then watch C-SPAN live for the J-J Dinner. JRE is up first.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mudcat Saunders: Fishing Off the Right Dock

There's nothing better than a bit of Southern expression about politics to stir up some discussion. Dave "Mudcat" Saunders may not try to play the part of Mark Twain as a satirist, but his Will Rogers style speaks to me as though I'm sitting on a dock near Lake Ruralsville, reaching for a can of Diet Coke in the cooler; he's handing me some peanuts he picked up at the fishin' store, and we are playing "Go Fish", a simple card game while we take a break.

Yesterday at the Huffington Post, Mudcat had a good hook to talk about the recent local and state elections in by using a song that the Clintons had for their campaign song, 'Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow' in bringing our Reagan Democrats back to the cabin. He observed:

I think yesterday answered one huge question concerning red state politics. Will the Reagan Democrats who left our party in the eighties continue their return? When a Democratic candidate can get through the red state culture as Steve Beshear did in Kentucky, the answer is a resounding yes. However, if a Democratic Presidential candidate can't get through the culture, or worse, hits the cultural wall head-on, a Democrat can't win. The science is literally everywhere.

You can guess what this is leading to, so I'll post a little more:

I know people say "trust me", and then you think they must be lying. But as a red state Democrat who has been fighting these Republicans for a long time, just trust me this one time when I tell you that John Edwards is the only Democrat who understands and can get through the red state culture and psyche.

I actually know a Central Illinois Dem who would say the same thing about JRE. Mudcat continues to deal the cards here:

That is one of two reasons I am with John. He can head to a red state, connect with the people, and look like he was born on that stump. The absolute truth is with the eminent coming of the Republican onslaught in '08, John is the only electable Democrat. And believe it or not, the Republicans are coming with the fury of Hell. For those who think the Republicans are done for, we must never, never, never forget they are like a cornered animal and will do anything next year. A snake can still bite you until you cut off its head.

But as he picks up another card and discards one, he makes his strongest point about why we should be in John's corner:

Money has now completely taken over our electoral process and government. It's nuts. Somebody has got to do something and now. We need somebody who is mean enough and not afraid to fight the incredible money and power of the huge corporations and special interests. John is perfectly suited for the tough job that lies ahead, and I promise you, there will be a fight to get our government back.
Mudcat concludes with a heartfelt comment as he lays down the winning hand:

John will fight them. Of that, I am sure.

Now I have to have to shuffle the cards again. And we will go invite more to come back to the cabin, and give those rural Dems toothpicks and cards or dominoes as they sit in coffee shops, hoping the government will work for them and not for those rich folk.

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Any One Care to Dance with Hillary Clinton?

Seems like she's taken a lot of lessons from her spouse and Mark Penn on how to dance around issues.


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Honored by Glamour Magazine

Elizabeth Edwards was in NYC Monday night in an event hosted by Glamour magazine as one of the Role Models for Women of the Year. I would have never thought Glamour would admire anyone but skinny models or movie stars.

Elizabeth was honored as "Mother, Campaigner, Cancer patient". Shelia Weller wrote this about Elizabeth:

Despite her illness, Elizabeth continues to be an outspoken political spouse, whether or not her husband’s staffers agree with her. And in the process she has rewritten campaign conventional wisdom. In a presidential election with a woman and an African American in the running, she’s the one breaking the rules, chewing out Ann Coulter on MSNBC’s Hardball for her personal attacks (“Hatred should not be a political strategy,” Elizabeth insists), and disagreeing with John on big issues (she’s for gay marriage; he’s not). The result: Americans love her, and in some not-small way she’s helped unite us during this polarized time.

Fellow blogger Aldon Hynes made this observation about the event at the Daily Kos:

It is great to see joy and purpose brought to the political stage. It is great to see fighting bravely against cancer as glamorous. It is great to see standing up for what you believe as glamorous. It gives me hope that our media and our country isn't as completely screwed up as I sometimes think.

Amen, Aldon.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

JRE about the Writers' Union Strike

“The striking Writers Guild members are fighting an important battle to protect their creative rights. These writers deserve to be compensated fairly for their work, and I commend their courage in standing up to big media conglomerates. As someone who has walked picket lines with workers all across America and as a strong believer in collective bargaining, I hope that both sides are able to quickly reach a just settlement.”

I agree.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Marathon Momma

Photo courtesy of Oxier Mohammad

Congrats to Paula Radcliffe, who after just giving birth 10 months ago, won the Women's Division of the NYC Marathon. She's one hot momma on her running. Have to admire her discipline to not only get back in shape, but toughening up mentally to win.

Also congrats to one of my colleagues, Mike C, who finished in 181 minutes. Excellent race for all!

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