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Saturday, June 07, 2008

ABC Sports Commenter Jim McKay Passes Away

He was great with ABC's Wide World of Sports. But most definitively, I recall his best reporting during the crises at the 1972 Olympics, in which nine Israeli athletes were taken hostage, and murdered. He was on the air for 16 hours during that time in Munich. He also loved the Triple Crown, which seems fitting he went out today.

RIP, Jim McKay.

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Thank you John Edwards and Hillary Clinton (updated)

Your candidacies for the White House will push Barack Obama to be more engaged and progressive on the issues.

Universal Health Care and getting us out Iraq number one priorities for this blogger. Also, creating opportunities for all of us and making our fellow citizens have the same opportunities you had. You both have truly been blessed.

It will be awhile before I will turn the page, but I do think we need a Democrat in the WH and better progressives in the House and Senate, which is why I will put my focus on them rather the Presidency.

Hillary, you were the runner-up, and I'm posting a video that someone did on your behalf, "This One's for the Girls"

Link to the transcript of Hillary's endorsement event, courtesy of WaPo.

Congratulations, John and Hillary. Your passion for our country is contagious.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

To Borrow from Taylor Marsh: A Remarkable Candidate

Picture courtesy of Taylor Marsh. I believe it is the most attractive one I've ever seen of Hillary Clinton. She weathers well with age.

Good post about Hillary, John, and Elizabeth by Joanne Bamberger, Punditmom.

She will be welcomed back in the Senate. They need her there, as Jon Tester said today.

Congrats to Barack Obama.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Where in the World is John Edwards?

I happen to know, via a British blogger. John and Elizabeth are in London! And they are doing a fundraiser tomorrow for overseas Dems.

Oh, and when we went to pick her up today at Heathrow, we saw John and Elizabeth Edwards. I was wandering around Arrivals, when my husband came running up. "It's John Edwards!" he told me excitedly. "And Elizabeth!" I was just in time to see them getting onto an elevator. I'd heard they were coming to town for a fundraiser. Gee, if they'd let me know I coulda picked them up.

Read the rest at What Do I Know's blog.

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