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Saturday, December 01, 2007

John Edwards Answers the Heartland Forum

This particular clip is about problems with racial profiling and the treatment of minorities in communities. Minorities do have challenges, among them that they end up in prisons more, possibly due to race or religion (if not Christianity). Here's JRE's response.

I actually didn't get to see this live. I looked for it on C-SPAN, but it was delayed, and I was not aware JRE was going first. Nonetheless, this is a passionate answer, as JRE despises what has happened to African-Americans in the South, as they often are in poor communities.

To read the rest of what John Edwards was asked about at the forum, go here to Century of the Common Iowan. Patrick is pretty fair in what he reports.

Update: Patrick has a link to the forum that has other video clips of JRE. This is about Community movement.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Charlie Rose Interviews John Edwards, the 2008 Candidate


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Edwards Fights Off the Repukes

Rudy and Mittens have been attacking John Edwards for his various stances. Some is mudslinging, but most are about Edwards' ideas of helping Americans get a chance to get ahead, something Mitt hasn't experienced, and Rudy has used women and favors from his party.

On the CNN debate last night, Mitt accused JRE of "trying to tear the US apart by stating there are "Two Americas." JRE had this response:

Joe Trippi had this to add via e-mail:

Maybe Mitt Romney should follow in the steps of John Edwards and spend time walking with Americans struggling to rise out of poverty and listen to their stories.

Maybe Mitt Romney should pass on lunch with his millionaire investment buddies -- and spend time, as John Edwards has, with families in New Orleans struggling to rebuild their lives and homes while being ignored by their government.

Rudy Giuliani: Edwards, Clinton, and Obama will raise taxes.

Yeah, and what about it, Rudy? Only on folks like you.

Here's JRE's response from the Communications Team:

“It looks like Rudy Giuliani wants to offer America four more years of George W. Bush – no thanks. John Edwards will deliver tax cut relief to the millions of middle class and working Americans who need it, not the wealthiest few like Giuliani who don’t. But Giuliani’s attack on John Edwards shows one thing – that instead of offering any ideas to help the middle class, he’s more than willing to ignore the middle class and attack the one Democrat who has proposed bold and detailed plans to help American families.

“Truth be told, John Edwards has taken on the Giulianis of the world his entire life and beaten them. And, come November 2008, John Edwards looks forward to beating them again, no matter who the Republican nominee is.”

I smell fear amongst the Republicans. Not good when a focus group of undecided voters (Republican ones mainly) still could not pick an outstanding candidate from the debate last night. In fact, one of them said this:

Well, there you have it. Edwards has the cross-voter appeal. Look out Rudy and Mittens.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Classic Trent Lott on TPM TV

Josh Marshall from TPM TV does a great trip down memory lane with Trent Lott, and it was the first time that a blogger caught a misstep on a major politican that led to the beginning of his demise.

The event I remember clearly as I saw it on C-SPAN that evening. My DH and I shook our heads in disbelief. But the MSM didn't say a word about it. It took a blogger like Marshall to point it out and get the attention of the MSM.

In case you hadn't heard, Lott is resigning his position to work on the more lucrative K street before the new law that increases the embargo time between when someone elected to Congress can turn around and become a lobbyist.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

John Edwards Will Represent the American People

Over at the Daily Kos, JamesS has laid out an excellent diary, complete with charts, about how much contributions corporations via lobbyists had handed to Congress and Senators, and the top 20's in each list. Then you can see who fed at their troughs and passed out the welfare checks, tax breaks, or favorable regulations.

John will give them hell to get more progressive legislation through, to the extent he can, by using the veto pen if the bills are too full of special interest and not for the America people, especially in terms of global warming and universal health care.

Check out JamesS' diary. Very informative.

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How 'Bout those Tigers?

Chase Daniels led the number 4 Tigers over the #2 Jayhawks at Arrowhead Stadium in front of 80,000 plus crazed college football fans. We watched the game on TV. Admittedly, I saw more of the first half than the second, but it was an exciting game.

Congrats, Mizzou. Oh, DH is a Mizzou alum, which accounts for the interest in the Benny household.

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