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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Roxanne Conlin Charging Forward in Iowa

I saw today that Roxanne Conlin isn't too far behind Senator Chuck Grassley in the polls today if the election were held. For Sen Grassley, it may unite the RNC/RNSC monies behind him, and yet, the DNC/DSCC may move towards helping Roxanne Conlin.

I am a big fan of Roxanne Conlin. See her website. It is so people-oriented in its message. If you have a couple of extra hours to knock on Iowan's doors before the primary or else-wise financially, she is worth the investment to get the goons out of DC.

Let's elect a real progressive to the Senate who won't hold up judicial appointments, will see that the health care bill is enacted well and make improvements, and also to help business be more green.

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