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Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Thoughts about JRE's Sudden Departure from the Race

Machka at Southern Hope offers an interesting analysis that many supporters tend to agree with, with a little more evidence to support her claim.

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Bill Maher's New Rules Returns

Nice to see the writer's strike is over. Last line will become a classic. Enjoy!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton Shows Class for a Fallen Police Escort

As many know by now, a female police officer escorting Hillary Clinton's entourage into Dallas died in the line of duty earlier this morning. Reports are conflicting as to how she was thrown off her motorcycle and landed 30 feet in the opposite road direction. But she performed bravely in the line of duty for our country. Here's Hillary Clinton's statement about the accident:

"I just learned of the death of a Dallas police officer in a devastating accident that occurred as these motorcycle officers were leading our cars to this site. We are just heartsick over this loss of life and I have asked that my condolences be conveyed to the family. I will call them as soon as it is appropriate to do so. I have placed a call to the Chief of Police expressing my sympathy. This reminds us, once again, what our men and women in law enforcement do every single day and it is important that we respect and appreciate their service. I certainly am grateful for all they do for me and more importantly what they do for citizens in cities like Dallas and others across our country."

"I just want to express my deepest condolences to the family and to the Dallas police department on this tragic, tragic loss."

Clinton cut short one of her appearances in Fort Worth so she could visit the officer's family, said MSNBC.

Thank you, law enforcement escort officers. There have been plenty who died in the line of duty, but tried to do their job amiably.

And thank you, Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary Shined in this Moment

She also borrows from JRE, if you notice.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Longhorn Boots for Obama

Turns out my nephew, Z, is a Longhorn booter for Obama.

My sister broadcasted his possible interview on GMA on the e-mail with this message this morning:
Hey Everyone-
My son, is working for the Obama Campaign in Austin, where the debates are going to be on tomorrow evening. He said the town is filled with all different types of media and he feels strongly for Obama, and has recently gotten involved to support him by being a precinct manager.
He got interviewed by Good Morning America about 6pm last night, and they asked him his views on Obama. He said that they also interviewed alot of other people around the campaign and so he wasnt sure whether he would get picked to go on TV.
So we have no idea if he will be on there or not... But even if he didnt get on...
It sure did make us grin today... lets all stay tuned--
Sweet Sally
Good for for Z to be politically engaged.

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Texas May Work Out Better for Obama than Clinton

Ay-ya-ya. I just read this article (h/t Truthout).

"Unlike other states that allocate delegates by congressional districts, Texas distributes 126 of its delegates among its 31 state Senate districts using a formula based on Democratic voter turnout in the 2004 and 2006 general elections. The 31 districts contain from two to eight delegates. The March 4 primary vote in each Senate district will allocate that district's delegates.

The turnout formula has assigned more delegates to urban centers with a lot of young or black voters that tend to favor Obama and fewer delegates to poorer Hispanic areas expected to favor Clinton. Austin, which includes the University of Texas, gets eight; Houston gets seven and Dallas gets six."

My nephew is a UT student, and he's definitely in the Obama camp.

Maybe it was just as well that JRE didn't compete there. He would have done better in Houston and the rural areas, but the rural areas are redder than a hot chili pepper.

Don't forget: debate in Austin tonight at 7 pm. CNN is the host network. I predict Obama will come out looking better because CNN is more into theater than dealing with specific agendas.

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The Ripoff Syndrome

I've been following a little the stories about Obama's lifting of words from different candidates. Certainly, he's used quite a few from John Edwards, but that's easy to explain: Axelrod was on Edwards' campaign in 2004 and no doubt had some influence in crafting his message back then.

Clinton has also been using JRE's words of late. In her speech in Youngstown this week, she talked about "a fighter and a champion for those who need a voice." She also talked about green collar jobs, a term first used by JRE as well and talked about using oil profits to be taxed and put back into creating green jobs. Guess who came up with that idea first?

I dunno. I'm not for plagarism, but I'm not certain that Obama is the worst offender of it either.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Viva Obama

This video cracks me up. But it is effective.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Everybody Wants You, Barack Obama

Classic tune by Billy Squier. Seems to fit (except for one line in the lyrics about the loneliness and alcohol) the Obama craze by the media and large crowds of mainly students.

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John Edwards Gets More Media Attention Now

That's he's out of the race. Lots more speculation about what he will do in terms of endorsements.

Obama met with Edwards yesterday.

Here's the video clip.

Personally, I think Obama's camp leaked this out to the media.

Update: comments from Obama, which prove he is desperate for an endorsement.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

John Edwards Invited to Speak at Take Back America Conference

Generally, this conference is in June, but they moved it up, I guess to accommodate everyone and so that all of the energy afterward is focused on the last remaining months leading to the DNC Convention.

JRE is invited to speak along with Clinton and Obama. Fellow blogger Chris Bowers is also a speaker.

Thought it was nice of them to invite him. I'll keep BW readers tuned in as to what date he is speaking once when I hear it. I cannot go as I will be in Tennessee with my spouse and one of our good friends.

Here's last year's speech he gave on Global Warming.

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Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hill in the Hub

OK, now I am somewhat impressed with Clinton's campaign.

(photo credit: Jim Watkins, the AJ)

Our 42nd President went to Lubbock, my hometown, and spoke at Lubbock High School. According to one report, Clinton wanted to see the HS of Buddy Holly.

Well, back in yesteryear when Bill was working on becoming governor of Arkansas, I did my student teaching at Lubbock High School and taught American history to juniors. Can't say the experience was all that great, but at least I did it.

Bill went to Amarillo too.

Yesterday was my momma's birthday. She would have appreciated meeting Bill Clinton, but she feels kind of crummy these days.

This proves that Hillary is about cattle and not just the hat. "That will be the day" would fit Obama if he were to venture into Bush's backyard.

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Debate I'd Like to See This Week in Austin

The NYT has a series of questions about Foreign Policy in the Editorial section today that they would like to see Clinton and Obama debate. I agree with them that it's too bad that Obama wouldn't debate Clinton in Wisconsin (knowing its to his advantage not to do so, since he's not a very good debater and he is ahead in the polls) and have a serious discussion of these issues.

So, I hope CNN will pick up some of these questions, and make them talk about them on Thursday.

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Karita Hummer Speaks out for One America

Karita Hummer, an ardent JRE supporter and blogger from California, was given an opportunity to write an op-ed piece in We! Magazine (an online magazine). I think she speaks very well about how many Edwards Democrats (in my case, Edwards Independent) feel.

Rather than repost it here, follow the link and read it there, and give We! your eyeballs.

(h/t to the Edwardians Meeting Group)

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