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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rep Larry Kissell, NC-08

I really heart this man. I was and am still proud to be one of his supporters. I don't live in NC, but I knew once he was elected he would do what was right not just for his district, his state, but for all of us.

His first floor speech was in support of SCHIP. Here's the video (h/t Betsy Muse, Blue NC.

A man of the people.

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Happy Birthday, First Lady Michelle Obama

Today is First Lady (to be) Michelle Obama's birthday. She is 45.

She's on a train trip with her husband. Hope she gets to have a little time with her family this evening.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Friday with W and His ILK

Come join me in a R & R happy Friday at

You must sign up first!

Update: read this post at the DK about Bush's legacy.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Truth of the Matter

Great article from the NewsObserver today. It's about a woman who thought she was encountering a famous concert pianist.

It's the first Monday of the new year, a fine day in Carrboro. I am at the Harris Teeter, list in hand, confidently navigating my weekly shopping. I turn into the cereal aisle and notice a guy in running shorts contemplating the organics. I say to myself, "Omigosh, that's Greg!"

I am a piano teacher. Greg is one of my colleagues. Since moving here a year ago, I have heard Greg play. He's outstanding, has received numerous awards and performs internationally. I have a CD of his music.

So she decides to say hello. Hi Greg!

According to her:

He turns around, smiles warmly.

I continue: "Marilyn Pinschmidt, programs chair for Durham and Chapel Hill Music Teachers Associations."

He still looks puzzled. He doesn't recognize me.

The man doesn't recognize her, mainly because he being called Greg and because he is looking for a cereal either EE asked for or he's curious about (my opinion only).

Then suddenly I realize this person may not be Greg, and in fact isn't Greg. Of course he is confused by this encounter. I feel disappointed that he isn't Greg. I am suddenly a stranger again in this "new" place. But this man somehow seemed so familiar --and I had confused him totally. He, of course, was clearly mystified by this encounter.

"Oh, you're not Greg McCallum, are you?"

The affable hand comes forward. "No. I'm John Edwards."

Then the moment of truth appears, and only an older woman or a precocious child would reply:
"Oh, I'm pleased to meet you."
"But you look a lot like Greg McCallum. Greg's a concert pianist."

Edwards looked amused, "Wow. I wish I were a concert pianist right now."

Yep, I bet Elizabeth laughed at that one--and John smiling too, if he shared that moment with her. She's the musical one between them as a couple.

As one of my friends said, JRE never met strangers for long.

Here are the pics of Greg McCallum and JRE:

Yeah, maybe cousins, but JRE's hair is too full of calicks. And his eyes are so blue. I think I would have known him. But what an innocent way to meet your neighbors.

I think I would have asked about Elizabeth, Emma Claire and Jack.

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Comforting Thought

This is the last Wed we have to spend kick around with the Chimperor-in-chief.

Maybe he's glad about it too.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Happiness for Fellow Bloggers

I've been catching up in reading some of the blogs on my BR, and I found out that Matt Stoller from Open Left is working in the House as a staffer.

Another blogger I knew from the Edwards campaign is now working for Jeff Merkley in DC. Awesome. I should be receiving some press releases from Merkley's office. Why is Merkley important to me? He was one of JRE's early supporters, and next to Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders, the most progressive Senator in the Senate today. He's big on expanding health care for all.

Both of the bloggers are young, lots of energy, and probably in charge of online communications of sorts. There's a need for them in 21st century government. They are our links to them, in order to narrow the Rootsgap that Matt Stoller spoke of a week ago.

That's all for now, folks.

More buzz l8tr...

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