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Saturday, May 26, 2007

John Edwards in 5 Iowa Town Halls Talking About Our Veterans

John Edwards talks about supporting our troops and veterans, especially as they come back from Iraq in town halls in Iowa this weekend. "We have a sacred contract with the men and women who put on a uniform." Also mentioned that our country has responsibility towards taking care of their families, by implementing better pay, health care, or even student loan suspensions to those students who are serving directly in combat or getting combat training, better body armor, etc (the latter added by this blogger, but he probably thought it). Edwards says one in three coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from serious stress disorders and head injuries.

I got my t-shirt today that reads, Support the Troops (on the front), End the War (on the back).

Update: Edwards campaign staff pack several care packages to send to the troops. Here's the clip.

I like the way it ends. Support the troops, honor the fallen.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Show's Mess of Potomac Segment

P-Party at Daily Show

H/t to Paddy at Cliff Schecter's blog.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Taylor Marsh has Fire in the Belly like John Edwards

Today, Taylor Marsh had some fire about what progressives elected to Congress aren't doin' and she's right. But I like this sports analogy she posted.

Her show was great too. I listened and finished a few minutes ago.

And let's look at John Edwards, in response to some balderdash thrown at him by Rudy, Mittens, and the Divider in Chief:

“George Bush has made America less safe and less respected in the world. The Republican candidates are now trying to double down on his failed foreign policy.

They just don't get it. George Bush's strategy is a failure - the threat of terrorism has increased. We don't need more political huffing and puffing, we need a smart strategy that uses American power to stop terrorists from hurting us and to stop people from becoming terrorists in the first place.

That's why I laid out a comprehensive plan to build a strong military focused on protecting Americans and to use all the tools available to us to defeat terror groups and restore our moral leadership.”

Edwards gets it. So does Taylor Marsh.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Liveblogs Again

On the Daily Kos tonight.

Here was my post:

I had a colleague who is a Republican Say today that I had "good taste" in a candidate for the WH who tries to understand all kinds of issues in the financial and economic markets. He was impressed that JRE got to meet with Angela Merkel too.

Never know..indies could suade towards a John Edwards presidency. I see it.

Elizabeth's response:
Thanks, Benny05

Out there preaching to anyone who will listen. My type of woman!

And she knows my gender.

Impressed with this couple, over and over.

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Gore Converses with Bloggers

This is really neat. Gore is following John Edwards' lead in speaking with bloggers first then going on prime time to discuss his new book, "The Assault on Reason". Taylor Marsh was one of those invited (I think nearly all on MyDD were invited to call).

More later.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

John Edwards on Women's Issues in Iowa

Worth watching, Attorney Roxanne Conlin introduces JRE (only her voice is heard), I have met her and she is good to her core in her pursuit of justice, not only for people, but for animals as well. Great quote from the speech:

"If we really want to empower women in this country, if we want to give force to the women's movement in this country, then we want women to have self-esteem, and strength, and respect, and they can't continue to not have health care coverage, or live in poverty, or get paid $.77 on the dollar for doing the same work men are doing. That's not right!"

John Edwards recently started a website called "Women for Edwards." Check it out.

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Royal Librarian and Benny in Copenhagen

This is a picture (taken by an ABLD member) of Michael Cotta-Schonburg, Deputy Director of the Royal Library (and University Librarian of Copenhagen University) and me having a laugh during a break. We had just been given a tour of the Royal Library. Michael is a former member of European Business School Libraries group as he took on his new position nearly 2 years ago, but still has affinity for many of us. He also gave a talk that stirred most of our imaginations about libraries in the future.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

John Edwards: Simply the Best

I love this new vlog by Refinish69, in which the song inspiration is Tina Turner's "The Best".

My favorite shot is after the music bridge, and it shows JRE in NH, smiling, upon his announcement to run, to the press.

Saw some new pics from NOLA today...


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Photo of John Edwards at JJ Dinner in Georgia

Taken by Rachel F of the campaign.

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Iowa Dems Prefer Edwards

Presidential candidate John Edwards leads rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a new Des Moines Register poll of Iowans likely to take part in the Democratic caucuses.

The Iowa Poll shows Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina, is the first choice of 29 percent of those who say they definitely or probably will attend the January caucuses, which kick off the nominating process for the nation.

Obama, a U.S. senator from Illinois, edges out Clinton for second place in the poll — 23 percent to 21 percent.

Des Moines Register Poll

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