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Monday, November 09, 2009

Roxanne Conlin Announces Run for US Senate

Roxanne Conlin, a trial lawyer in Des Moines, announced her bid for the US Senate seat for next year. She hopes to win her primary first, then take on Grandpa Chuck Grassley, the incumbent. Roxanne's campaign released this two minute video that is more biographical and she uses her own voice to narrate it.

Her biography is here. It's no wonder that she was a big supporter of JRE; their personal stories are similar, although she has been an Assistant Attorney general and ran for governor in the 1980's.

Benny's World is taking an early position about this race: we hope Roxanne Conlin wins the Democratic primary next year, but we wish all Democratic candidates well in general. It's time someone represented Iowa's true interests, and Chuck Grassley is not doing it.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fox News Gets Mocked on SNL

I was already in bed and asleep when SNL came on, but I saw this today on Facebook:

The only Dem pundit, Joe Trippi (former JRE staffer) isn't given any questions or opportunities to make a comment.

Pretty funny!

Trippi's comment on FB: "Speechless."

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Congrats to Katherine Reutter of Central Illinois

Yesterday, Katherine Reutter won the gold in the 1500m short track race at the World Cup in Montreal with a time of 2:23. Katherine is a native of Champaign, and is on target for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver next Feb.

Stephen Colbert has graciously lent his name to the US Speed Skating team and Katherine also has sponsorship by local businesses. Colbert is asking his fans at Colbert Nation to donate here.

Katherine is a Benny family friend. Benny's World is very proud of her accomplishments, and very pleased for her parents, Jay and Beth, who have been the major part of her journey to the Olympics.

Way to go, Katherine!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images and Universal Sports.

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