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Friday, March 21, 2008

John Edwards: Never Say Never

Last night, John Edwards was on Jay Leno's show. In the less than 10 minutes he was on the show, he did explain why he got out of the race: it was clear he was not winning, and he thought one of the two remaining candidates would pull ahead and it would be clear who the nominee would be by now. He didn't expect the primary race to be where is today.

I liked it that he still focused on issues, less on personalities. The comment about Barack Obama's speech the other day made it clear. Leno didn't ask about endorsements, nor did JRE offer any. Good!!

He was asked about Al Gore and his work since leaving government. Leno asked JRE if he were asked would he serve in a Democratic administration. Edwards said he would be glad to serve his country--whether it be in government or outside. Then he was asked if he was thinking about running again. His coy reply, "not at the moment, but you never say never."

Here's the Youtube, courtesy of NcDem Amy.

Damn, he looks great. Wonder if he was going to talk to some Hollywood producers and writers about exploring the possibility of a documentary on poverty. Hmmm.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tidbits from Tennessee

Greetings BW readers,

Sorry I've been offline for a few days and my wireless now is on the blink. Thanks to the Art Circle Public Library in Crossville, I am able to blog for a few minutes.

TomP sent me a link to a Friends of the Earth (FoE) Action website, and I saw the following press release:

Presidential candidates’ parroting of coal industry talking points raise questions about their commitment to clean energy; Clinton even equivocates on mountaintop removal

WASHINGTON—A national environmental group criticized both Democratic presidential candidates today for recent pro-coal comments.

Senator Hillary Clinton expressed enthusiasm for coal and failed to condemn mountaintop removal during an interview yesterday on West Virginia Public Radio. Today, Senator Barack Obama delivered a speech in West Virginia advocating so-called “clean coal” as a solution to global warming.

“These comments raise serious questions about whether the Democratic candidates are as committed to clean energy as they claim to be,” Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder said. “Coal is not clean—period. And it is especially dirty and damaging when it is mined through the mountaintop removal process, in which mountains are literally blown to pieces, wiping vast swaths of nature off the map and polluting valleys, streams and rivers.”

Read the rest here.

Another reason why I cannot support either one of these two.

Good news: John Edwards will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening. They are probably taping as I blog this message. To quote a Free (name of a group from the late 60's, early 70's) tune: All right now, baby it's ah all right now.

No, I do not think he will endorse anyone today, especially after reading the FoE message. Moreover, neither one has talked about poverty, Katrina, etc, very much.

Looks like JRE will be speaking to the NC Young Democrats next week (h/t NCDem Amy) about a community service project.

Weather in Crossville today: a pleasant 55 degrees, and very sunny. Daffadils are out and a few trees have sprouted. DH is golfing today.

More buzz l8tr...

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